A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Nose Pins

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Nose Pins in 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Nose Pins in 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Nose Pins

Nose pins have been an essential part of Indian jewelry wardrobes. Lately, these dainty pieces have emerged as ultra-trendy jewelry and are quite a rage among youngsters. Nose pins have the power to emphasize your facial features while adding a distinguished charm. From ethic events to fun party events, nose pins are best to be worn everywhere and at any time. There is a stunning range of nose pins – from diamonds to pearls and from yellow gold to rose gold, there are nearly endless options to set your eyes on.

The Several Benefits of Wearing Nose Pin

As per Indian mythology, wearing a nose pin is said to be very auspicious. Apart from enhancing beauty, it is believed to benefit the wearer in multiple ways. Some of which include:

  • Works as a remedy to solve respiratory problems.
  • It aids in childbirth and helps regulate female vitality.
  • Reduce the possibilities of gynecological abnormalities.
  • Regulates brain wavelength to ensure better mental health.
  • A nose pin made of precious metal can even work to boost your immunity.
  • Offers better emotional control.
  • Ensures well-being of eyes and ears nerves.

Thus, those who have nose piercings are definitely going to benefit from these positive aspects of wearing nose pins. Now that you know why to wear nose pins, next let’s have a look over how to choose the right type of nose pin.

Choosing the Right Nose Pin

Not every type of nose pin looks appealing to everyone. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to choosing the right nose pin depending on your nose shape.

  • Nose Pin For Broad Nose

For girls with a broad nose, it is advisable to go for nose pins featuring two or more stones. Wearing this kind of nose pin will balance off your facial aesthetics by making your nose appear smaller. Moreover, it will deviate away from the attention from your nose thereby making you feel comfortable.


  • Nose Pin for Sharp Nose

Girls with a sharp nose can try for single diamond studded nose pins. Additionally, they should get a piercing on their right nostril for a more enhanced appearance. Besides you can also try for simpler designs to elevate your look. Click here to explore simple diamond nose pins.

Stunning Nose Pin Designs

From simple diamonds studs to more defined naths, there are wide ranges of stunning nose designs. Be it plain gold ones to ones studded with diamonds, or bejeweled with colored enameling, you have got a lot of options to shop from.

Here are some popular nose pin designs:

  • Floral nose pin.
  • Golden loop nose pin.
  • Bent nose pin.
  • Diamond stud nose pin.
  • Hoop nose pin.
  • Bali nose pin.

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