Getting Ready for the 2022 Open Tennis

The 2022 US Open Tennis schedule is out. The event will be held at the National Tennis Center, New York. Dates set for the event are from August 29, 2022, to September 11, 2022.

There will be plenty to see at the event. From the women’s to men’s rounds, the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, tennis fans have every reason to attend the event. Here are different ways to get ready.

Get ready to bet

As you enjoy the fun, you can also make money by betting on the Open Tennis event in 2022. If you will be following the event live from Michigan, you will have an advantage because the state government legalized online betting in Michigan in 2021. Your online tennis betting options will be Moneyline/match result, handicap/spread betting, or totals betting.

Buy tickets

Tickets to the US Open Tennis 2022 will be purchased before the event day. This year’s event has attracted the biggest number of spectators. If you want to attend the event, you need to buy your ticket early.

You can either buy a ticket to a match or session. What you need to do is to check the US Open Tennis Schedule 2022 and check your preferred date/match. There are different payment options you can use. Your easiest way to buy tickets is to pick e-tickets. It saves you shipping costs.

The sessions

The US Open Tennis is an annual event that has recently gained popularity across all demographics. The recent fast growth of technology has enabled fans to follow the matches’ activities online from different gadgets.

You can choose to buy individual tickets, tickets for multiple sessions, or tickets based on sitting position. There are options to buy opening or final round matches. Before purchasing, make sure you choose your location within the stadium.


The US Open Tennis 2022 has attracted a variety of seasoned players. The official site has listed 156 players like Novak Djokovic from Serbia, Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece, and Alexander Zverev from Germany. There are other players such as Matteo Berrettini from Italy, Denis Shapovalov from Canada, and Casper Ruud from Norway. You can check more players from the players and rankings website.

Travel and accommodation

Players and fans will travel from all over the world. It is expected the hotels in New York, and the neighboring cities might be booked to capacity before the event day. It is in your best interest to get ready to travel and get the necessary bookings.

Some travel agents are already helping players and fans book by offering special packages.The all-inclusive packages include:

  • Lodging/accommodation
  • Tickets reservations for the morning and evening sessions
  • Airport transfers
  • Transport from hotel to the tournament (daily round-trip)
  • Upgrade options
  • New York City/US tour after the event

Fans who want to make other travel and accommodation arrangements are free to do so, but they must ensure they are not inconvenienced, especially if they are new in New York.

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