Best way to Save money shopping online in 2022

Save money shopping online

If you enjoy shopping online, we have excellent news for you! Taking advantage of Walmart promotions is now easier, find out how.

Know the advantages of buying online taking advantage of discounts

If you enjoy shopping 22Bet online casino games, we have excellent news for you! Taking advantage of Walmart promotions is a way to save even more and get more out of their low prices, how to do it? Keep reading…

Online discounts, the secret to saving on your online purchases

Remember when you looked for printed coupons in newspapers, store brochures, or even in some magazines? Using them was very practical, as it allowed you to buy what you needed at a lower price.

With the growth of electronic commerce and the constant evolution of the needs of the Mexican consumer, traditional coupons have also migrated to digital versions, becoming an excellent way to take advantage of online promotions.

How do they work?

Very simple: it is an alphanumeric combination that works as a kind of password that you must enter at checkout before closing your purchase. In this way, it will be applied automatically and will allow you to subtract the value indicated in the ad from your purchase as a bonus.

It should be noted that the discounts on the products in your cart are completely independent, so that, once the code is applied, you will reduce the final price of your purchase.

Benefits of using bonuses for online purchases

  1. It’s simple. Making a bonus valid is quite simple since you can do it from the comfort of your home at any time of the day.
  2. More savings. Online stores offer a more extensive catalog of products than physical stores, which allows you to get exclusive brand items that, by making use of the bonus, you will end up acquiring at a more competitive price.
  3. Guarantees and facilities. Buying online with codes and bonuses does not leave aside the usual guarantees offered by online stores so that returns and cancellations can be made if you wish.

Tips to save money by taking advantage of bonuses

Now that you know all the benefits of buying online with discounts, we share tips to make good use of them and make the most of them in your next purchases:

  • Treat them like money. When applying them to your online purchase they represent savings, however, it is recommended that you treat them as if they were your own money, that is, as attractive as the price may be, it does not mean that you should spend it instantly.
  • Prepare a list of your favorite products. In addition to the previous point, a good practice is to make a list with all the articles of your interest. Digital coupons have an expiration date, however, online stores regularly apply them as a common practice. This list will be of great help to find your favorite products and take advantage of the bonus when you go to apply it.
  • Check the minimum purchase amount. It is important that you review the terms and conditions of the use of bonuses since most of the time they require a minimum purchase amount. Take it into account and remember: do not spend more if it is not necessary!

It does not always apply to all products. Part of the terms of use of bonuses is that the products on which they are applicable are determined by the online store. Some occasions are limited to specific brands, seasons, or releases. If you are willing to take advantage of the bonus, make sure you only buy the items for which they are applicable.

How do I apply my bonus at Walmart?

Applying discounts on your supermarket purchases is very simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and verify that there is an active bonus code, remember to check its validity!
  2. Make sure your purchase covers the minimum required for the bonus to apply.
  3. Select the type of delivery that best suits your needs.
  4. Before proceeding to checkout, activate the bonus in the space below your total.
  5. Ready! Once the bonus has been applied, continue with your payment process.


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