Best Tips to study for class 11 maths in 2022

Best Tips to study for class 11 maths in 2022

Best Tips to study for class 11 maths in 2022

Tips to study for class 11 maths

There is so much around us, that we don’t know about, and the only way we get to learn about our environment and the various kinds of other important concepts is by studying the subject of maths, since it helps us in getting enough knowledge about our surroundings and how things work. Class 11 maths is a great way to ramp up your knowledge, because it will help you in becoming aware about various topics like trigonometricfunctions, binomial theorem, sequences and series, limits and derivatives, statistics, probability, etc.

All these topics have an important role to play in our lives, because they help us in some way or the other. No matter what chapter you pick from ncert maths class 11book, you will get to learn a lot from it. Class 11 is an important part of every student’s life, because after qualifying it, they develop the basics for their specialization stream,which they continue with till they pass out from the school.

For all those students who wish to opt for medical and non medical stream intheir 11th, they should lay more emphasis on building their basics of maths in the beginning only, so that they don’t find it difficult later on. Scoring great in board exams is a wish of every student, but you cannot excel in it until you study from the right study material and get the appropriate knowledge that is required, that is why math solutions class 11 are the perfect choice for you.

If you are someone who has no clue regarding the correct way to start studying for the maths subject, then the following tips will help you in the best way, so that you can easily score your best in your exams:

  • Be clear with your syllabus: The first and the most important tip that anybody can ever give you is being aware about your syllabus in advance, because it will help you in getting a clue about the kind of chapters that you will be covering in your exams. When you are well aware of your syllabus on a prior basis, you can be confident about the concepts that you need to work on and the kind of topics that require your attention. Another important thing that you should be well versed with is the marking scheme of your class 11 maths chapters, so that you can get an idea about the weightage of each chapter and how important each one of them is from the examination point of view.
  • Select the right study material: Once you know about the syllabus in a proper way, the next step is to select the right study material for you, so that you can start preparing for your exam quickly. When we talk about the best study material for class 11 maths, it surely has to be the ncert book and solutions for class 11 maths because every chapter of your syllabus are explained in this book in the best possible way, so that learning cannot be difficult for you. Incase you have any doubt in the questions asked in the book, you can use the solutions to get rid of any doubt that you may have. Both the book and solutions are the perfect combination while preparing for your class 11 maths exam, because they are based on the curriculum suggested by the Cbse.
  • Study the charts carefully: maths is a very technical subject, and that is the reason why you cannot think about studying maths in a theory form. You should study all the charts that are given in the ncert book, so that you can easily understand the logics behind them and you are able to draw meaning our of them without any complication. There are high chances that you may be required to draw any of the graphs and charts in the exam too, because it is a combination of theory and practical at large. And anyways, the best way to learn about something is through visual representation, that’s why you should not leave it untouched in any way.
  • Practice from previous question papers: The best way to prepare for class 11 maths exam is by studying the question papers from the previous years, because it will help you in becoming more accustomed to the format in which you will get your paper, which will automatically help you in getting a clear picture of what kind of questions you can get in your exam.


In conclusion, ncert solutions for class 11 maths chapters are useful in some way or the other, because they not only provide you the right knowledge, but make learning more fun and exciting. Incase you have any doubt regarding the marking scheme or the complete exam at large, you can connect with InfinityLearn, the most admired and famous online learning platform on the internet.