Best 7 Tips to boost YouTube Shorts videos for business 2022

Best 7 Tips to boost YouTube Shorts videos for business 2022

Best 7 Tips to boost YouTube Shorts videos for business 2022

YouTube shorts is a popular platform not only for creators who wish to share information and entertainment with audiences around the world but also for businesses looking to extend their reach. Although long videos are still significant, they do not necessarily captivate audiences on the get-go.

The human attention span has dropped significantly to just eight seconds. For this reason, YouTube Shorts has become a highly recommended feature that businesses should take advantage of. Here are some tips to help make YouTube videos stand out.

Record on portrait mode

YouTube Shorts always display videos vertically so it’s best to record them that way. Although horizontal videos can still be uploaded, they will only occupy the middle part of the screen, making your video smaller. Vertically aligned videos also make your videos easier to watch on mobile devices.

Make the first 15 seconds count

You are allowed to record up to 60 seconds of video on YouTube Shorts but the video has to be catchy enough in the first few seconds to keep viewers interested. If not, viewers may skip and swipe, giving the algorithm an impression that your content is not good enough to recommend.

Edit videos with care

Shorts has its own camera so you can record and post right into the YouTube app. However, if you want to create high-quality, well-thought-of videos for your business, edit your videos with an online video editor before uploading them on YouTube Shorts.

Add the right music

Videos without music are not that engaging. Spice up your short videos by clicking on the Add Music icon on YouTube shorts. Make sure to add preset music that matches the mood and theme of your videos.

Add captions or subtitles

Make your videos easier to watch by adding text. Some people watch with the sound off so adding subtitles can make your videos watchable on silent mode. You can add styles and colors to your text to make them more interesting and eye-friendly.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags play a huge role in making your videos discoverable. Make sure to add the hashtag #shorts to allow YouTube’s algorithm to recognize your video. Add other popular hashtags that are relevant to your brand and content.

Use filters for extra flair

Raw, unedited videos are popular even for brands because it shows authenticity. However, adding filters can help make videos, especially short ones, more eye-catching. You can also use filters to correct video color or change its mood. Avoid using too many filters as they may just transform your video into an eyesore. Remember, you only have a few seconds to engage your audience so don’t pack it with unnecessary effects.

Grow your business with YouTube Shorts now

Although the concept of YouTube Shorts is similar to TikTok, it’s still a good feature to use since many people still rely on YouTube to satisfy their visual cravings. Businesses should take advantage of it as it allows them to reach more consumers with little or no work involved. These tips aim to give your short videos a good boost, helping them gain better traction in the digital world.

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