Five YouTube Channels That Will Make Your Inner Geek Extremely Happy

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Five YouTube Channels That Will Make Your Inner Geek Extremely Happy

There is a simple reason why robots have always fascinated tech geeks, cine-goers, literature aficionados, and even the normal office-goer: they follow instructions to a tee, which usually resulted in optimal outcomes. However, you too can now learn about this piece of programmable technology and what better platform than YouTube.

One of the best online platforms that offer free learning to maximize intellectual growth and provide easy access to a diverse range of domains, when learning is also very hard. However, YouTube initially started solely for entertainment purposes but evolved to become a giant resource for enlightening instructive content.

Utilizing Influencer Marketing Tactics For Your Robotics YouTube Channel

While YouTube is filled with channels that provide free tutorials to online visitors, it has also helped transform how we consume on-screen data. If you have an avid interest in robotics, YouTube is the place to start! Influencer strategy practices have drastically changed over the years. This has also altered the image that influencers initially held in the market.

While establishing strong relationships between the brand and the creators, is essential for a prosperous campaign, but the question remains: how simple is it to achieve this affinity? However, this shift has changed the way brands today communicate with an influencer.

But First… Sort Out That Internet of Yours!

Though shiny dreams of designing the next revolutionary robot may sparkle brightly in your eyes, robotics is incomplete without the internet being involved. Most digital businesses want an internet service provider that has smooth data transmission over longer distances while striving to bring immense value and quality service to its clientele at exceptionally affordable rates.

We suggest that you opt for Grande internet, an internet service based over a fiber-optic network that supports high bandwidth, enhances high-quality data transfer, and has become popular among customers for its spectacular internet performance.

Our Recommendations

We listed the top five YouTube series that you can now follow on YouTube:


  1. Explore Robotics Through The Eye of A Non-Programmer: Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

Computer Science Grad, Matt Timmons-Brown, runs the YouTube page, Raspberry Pi Robotics. Also known as The Raspberry Pi Guy, his YouTube page has over 6 million views and is originally from Cambridge, UK. He has successfully worked for Amazon Robotics and Huawei and now is a Robotics Research Intern in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University.

The Raspberry Pi is a £15/$25 computer that uses GNU/Linux. One great reason why this channel garnered so much popularity online is that it helps non-programming professionals explore the field of robotics. So if you don’t come from a programming background, this is one of the best channels for you! Besides learning basic theories and the logic behind programming, you learn various ways to create a robot.


  1. Explore Robotics Beyond The Basics: Botyard

If you already have some background knowledge regarding the fundamentals of electronics and are deeply interested in building and designing a robot, then this channel is a gift from the heavens! Divided into multiple parts on the YouTube channel, the fifth part of the series is the best for it presents detailed steps if you aim to build a robot, the simple R2-D2 robot for starters.

A pioneering series that utilized various tools such as LEDs, flashlights, servos, etc. for building robots. It’s a must-watch for people with a strong tick for building robots!



  1. Explore The Advanced Curve To Robotics: Stanford University

This YouTube channel is an advanced robotics course at Stanford University. While the channel undertakes a conceptual approach towards robotics, it is highly recommended if you have an interest in learning about advanced bots.

The channel is an excellent resource for someone who is excited with advanced scientific concepts such as kinematics, dynamics, force and position control, trajectory generation, etc. Visit this fantastic channel if you are keen on learning and understanding the science behind robotics.


  1. Explore A Programmer’s Dream: Programming with RobotC

Feeling troubled that your programming skills have rusted. Worry not, for YouTube is your ultimate savior. Programming with RobotC presents robotics in easy-to-understand language for individuals who are new to programming languages and for individuals, who want a revision.

Since the target audience for this YouTube channel is well-defined, viewers can instantly pick up the step-by-step demonstration that’s there online. It provides the software side of robotics since RobotC is essentially a cross between a programming language, that’s based on C Programming with a user-friendly interface for an optimum development environment.


  1. Explore the Inclusion of IoT: Universal Robotics

Robotics and AI Technology is an area that refuses stagnancy and is constantly evolving to bring innovation not just to the domain of technology but to other sectors as well. However, if you have a soft corner for real-life success stories where there’s a victor at the end of the day, then this is your thing.

This channel brings stories that humanize technological development and displays how the automation barrier has been crossed and reduced to simplify daily life activity. Through this YouTube channel, you will learn all about collaborative robots along with how the latest products in robotics and AI technology is facilitating daily business tasks.



The Bottom Line…

While the future of robotics and our over-dependency on them freaks out many, robots are the reality of the world that we live in.

Robots have always been a subject of fascination and terror, as many believe that they can overpower the human population. Although Hollywood may have already have given us a glimpse of the some-what future, it will take some time for robots to reach that advanced stage.

The reservations regarding robotics may always persist but over a while, we have grown comfortable with them, trusting them with our most sensitive and private information, and even allowing them to take over our presence. However, what remains a fact is the complexity of the humane factor, a quality that even the best of robots may take time to learn, comprehend, and apply for immediate effect.

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy our suggested checklist of YouTube channels on robotics. However, if you are a content creator, we hope that you enjoy creating innovative content that will educate audiences about the expansive domain of robotics.

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