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Since the end of free movement in the UK, there has been a rising urge by the UK Home office to renew or apply for sponsorship licence for employers.  Under the new points based immigration 2021, it is mandatory for all the UK, if they are looking to hire any skilled overseas workforce. The sponsor licence guidance issued by the Home Office early this year had some updates and key changes to be observed.

Why is there a need for a Sponsorship licence for employers?

The sponsorship for employers is advantageous in many ways, the employers can hire skilled overseas workers to work with them, and employers can fill post-Brexit recruitment gaps. Since Brexit, there has been a rising need for workforce retention, employers can use this opportunity to hire skilled professionals to develop a strong workforce.

Options for employers to hire skilled workers

According to the Sponsor licence guidance, the employers can hire foreign skilled staff in 4 major visa categories, namely

  1. Skilled worker visa: This is for those who qualify under the shortage occupations list and will be hired by the UK employer at a specific threshold salary. The employer will assign the certificate of sponsorship to the skilled worker.
  2. Intra-company transfer: it is for those employers who want to transfer their employee to a different country where the branches of the same business are set up.
  3. Minister of Religion Tier 2 visa: for those who wish to hire religious priests or other persons in the same field to work in their religious organisations.
  4. Sportsperson Tier 2: employers can hire senior sportspersons or coaches to work for them.

Sponsoring Students

The sponsor licence guidance simplifies that the educational institutions who want to enrol overseas students to their institutions, must secure a Sponsor licence and start issuing certificates of Acceptance for studies (CAS) to them.

While you are sponsoring the students, you must ensure that

  1. The students are attending the course
  2. If any student is absent without information or hs unauthorised absence
  3. The government authorities to be informed of timely action if the student leaves the course mid way.

Each educational institution must comply with the sponsor licence duties and obligations. The Home office takes strict enforcement actions if any breach is found.

Application process for Sponsor licence

The Home office strictly assesses your application, only when the suitability and eligibility conditions are met, your application is approved.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you must make an online application with 4 supporting documents and pay the required fee.

Important point

With the increased awareness to mitigate the hazards of employment of illegal workers, the Home Office has clearly stated if any organisation is found to have been illegally hiring skilled workers then it could be imprisoned for up to 5 years and a civil penalty of £20,000 per worker would be imposed.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that you seek support for legal experts and immigration Solicitors London, who can handhold you. A Y & J Solicitors can help you with the procedure and understanding of the ever-changing immigration laws.

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