Choosing the Best Wok for Your Cooking Habits.

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Providing Australians with the opportunity to sample some of their favourite Asian dishes is a win-win situation. Having a wok is one of them. It is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that may be used for various purposes. Woks can be used for anything from frying to steaming to smoking, and they’re an absolute must for anybody looking to up their game in the kitchen.


As the popularity of Asian cuisine grows throughout the country, more and more people are experimenting with it in their kitchens. There are several benefits to having it! Even yet, finding the right one might be tricky since there are so many options in shape and function. Learn how to get the best one and what to use it for in Chinese cuisine by reading on.


For the most part, cooking utensils are made of stainless steel, but woks are exceptions. It takes a long time for the material to heat and cool. Even without the tendency of food components to stick together, cooking may be a challenge. On the other hand, cast iron is preferred since it provides a non-stick surface for cooking purposes. Cast iron has the drawback of being easily broken if dropped. Users may have difficulty moving the thicker pieces during frying or smoking due to the material’s brittleness. In terms of material choice, carbon steel comes out on top over the previous two options. They’re cheap, long-lasting, and simple to maintain when adequately cared for.


Versions that don’t need sticking are welcome. As attractive as it sounds, most non-stick woks available in Australia fall short of the advantages they promise for food release. Non-stick surfaces are not suitable for browning since they can’t handle high heat or extreme temperatures.


Flat bottom woks are presently the sole option for cooktops that only accept flat bottoms. If you use a round-bottomed wok, you need an insert that can fit it. Because failing to do so will result in a loss of funds. On the other hand, round-bottomed designs may not distribute heat evenly and may be difficult to spin. Mainly when used in conjunction with modern cooking methods, the flat-bottomed, sloping-side wok delivers all of the wok’s potential.


Due to the prevalence of various panhandles, providing a wok with two unique handles—one long and one short—improves customer convenience. In Cantonese style, woks have two handles. However, diners unfamiliar with Chinese cooking may find adjusting to the new handle arrangement difficult.


Is It Important to Take Size into Account? Since commercial kitchen woks are too large and complex to use in the kitchen, they aren’t essential when buying a wok at home. Any four or five-person household can manage with only one young one. All these factors combine to determine how big the wok has to be.


Make sure to season the wok before using it for the first time, as it will remove any remaining oil from the pan to prevent it from rusting. If you want to cook with your wok at high temperatures, you must season it.



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