Where to buy cotton fabric online at wholesale price?

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If you are planning to buy Cotton fabrics at a wholesale price but doesn’t know where to buy them, this article is for you.

With Fabrics resources, I want to help people with valuable information regarding sourcing and purchasing fabrics in India.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or even a garment manufacturer, shopping the right fabric at the best price is crucial for any business. It is light on the pocket.

I have curated a list of online sources where you can source your cotton fabrics at a wholesale price. Note that this list also takes into consideration the ease of ordering, selection and security while paying online.

  1. EXPORTERS INDIA (https://www.exportersindia.com)


Exporters India is an online directory of exporters available in India. They must have registered/listed their business on this website for you to see the results.

Finding a wholesaler is easy here.

Step 1: Search for cotton fabrics in the search bar

Step 2: Select a business listed in the search results.

Step 3: Contact the business and send enquiry.

  1. INDIA MART (dir.indiamart.com)

India mart

India mart is a business directory. You can sign in to India mart using your phone number and search for cotton fabrics.

You will be shown all the businesses offering this product. If you verify your phone number, you will be contacted by businesses and will help you sourcing the right product.

This website is one of the most searched websites in India with a high number of sellers in wholesale sector.

  1. JUST DIAL (justdial.com)

Just dial

Just dial is similar to India mart in functions. With a simple search, you can get the contact information of various businesses offering cotton fabrics.

Here also, you will be contacted by companies and help you source the right product. Only condition is that you need to sign in and verify your phone number. Just Dial was is competitor for India mart and second to market with wholesale B2B concept.

  1. TRADE INDIA (tradeindia.com)

Trade india

Trade india is a business directory where b2b business enquiries can be submitted. It is similar to Just dial and India mart, but not as depth as them. Only a handful vendors are available there. If you are on a hunt to find out the best, then it is better to check out the vendors available there as well.

  1. DINESH EXPORTS (dineshexports.com)

Dinesh export

Dinesh Exports is a manufacturer since 1994 with a more than 5000+ products on their website. Something I like about shopping on their website is that it is super convenient to browse by categories like fabric content, fabric structure, and fabric weight and so on.

Since this is a privately owned website, you can directly purchase the fabrics as per your requirement and get it delivered to your home or you can submit your enquiry on their website.

You get to purchase the best cotton fabrics at the best prices from Dinesh Exports.

Have I missed any portal or websites?

Mention in the comments section below.

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