Why Compact Boxes Are One of Kitty’s Prized Possessions at Home

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Why Compact Boxes Are One of Kitty’s Prized Possessions at Home

To your feline pet, there is nothing comparable in this world to the simple cardboard box. Any amount of cat toy technology or cat furniture may not be as comforting as an open cardboard object in which your furball can curl up.

So, don’t waste your dollars on purchasing complicated stuff that your munchkin may hiss at. Instead, invest in things that your pet kitty loves to use day in and day out.

Many kitties choose cardboard boxes as accompaniments for regular napping and playing. However, if your fur baby is hiding in the box most of the time with decreased energy, appetite, or other behavioural changes, she is probably sick and needs your attention.

Taking her to the vet will be the best thing to do when your furry friend has been low for quite some time. Pet insurance for cats allows your feline pet to access the best health care in the city in times of illness, accidents, or medical emergencies. Cat insurance covers much of your pet health needs like check-ups, vaccinations, diagnosis, hospitalization, treatment, dental care, and much more.

Why do cats love boxes?

  1. Cats try their best to stay hidden rather than fight dangers. Boxes provide your feline family member with a haven and help reduce her anxiety. Your pet kitty may feel much safer when taking refuge in a box.
  2. The high walls of the object keep your kitty inconspicuous from risky predators or anybody in the household they wish to avoid. Also, the added advantage is nobody can stealthily attack her from the back. Whoever wants to attempt it has no choice but to approach her from the front where she will be ready to pounce.
  3. A box gives your nervous kitty a place to retreat when she is highly stressed out. You may want to add some warm fluffy blankets and a toy or two to make her feel more comfortable and relieved.
  4. Some kitties use the cardboard box as a scratching post. If you find her scratching, chewing, or tearing up the box into shreds, then your little kitty likes the box’s texture. One good thing about this is your furniture is saved from her tiny teeth and sharp claws.
  5. Kitty may be keen on exploring new boxes that you have brought home, sniffing them, feeling the texture, playing around them, discovering the insides, etc. A simple box provides your kitty with enough mental stimulation, keeps her active, and enriches her environment.
  6. Cats generally sleep for about eighteen hours a day; they take several quick naps spread through the day. Meaning your cat may need a comfortable spot to doze off. A box serves as a great place to curl up and keep herself warm.
  7. Kitty may also love to hide inside the box, wait for someone to pass by her hideout, and abruptly jump out and strike to satisfy her predator instincts. Thus, a box may be a splendid solution for a mock hunt play.

Check how your kitty behaves around the box at all times. Sometimes all that she may do is lie in it bone idle. In such cases, you should monitor her closely. Check if she is having her usual meals, getting enough sleep, or is restless most of the time.

Any unusual behaviour calls for a vet visit. Don’t worry about the vet visit charges. With cat insurance, your fur baby is covered for vet visit charges, medicines, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses. Purchase pet insurance for cats to provide your furball with the best health care while making the whole affair affordable for you.


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