Fastest Growing UK Companies to Watch in 2022

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Fastest Growing UK Companies to Watch in 2022


What companies are growing the quickest in the UK this year? Below, you’ll find the answer to this question, and it offers great inspiration to businesses around the country!

King Kong UK

When it comes to digital marketing, you won’t find too many services doing it better than King Kong UK. In recent years, this brand has grown around the world and now it’s taking the UK by storm. With a full range of marketing services, customers benefit from SEO, CRO, Google Ads, landing pages, Facebook Ads, and even courses to improve their own knowledge.

Appear Here

Next up, we have a company where success has been a long time coming. Founded in 2013, Appear Here offers a marketplace for buyers and sellers of retail space. That’s right – the platform has had a hand in the introduction of 10,000 stores in the UK. As high streets and shopping centers lay empty after the pandemic, Appear Here could have an important role to play in the revival of physical stores.

Akoni Hub

This time, we’re looking at a financial tool designed for SMEs. Founded in 2015, the company offers a tool to help manage funds and take control of savings. As well as businesses, more everyday consumers are also using Akoni to manage their savings and interest. Once you’ve integrated the tool, you’ll get a dashboard with an overview of all your finances and various other features to make more informed decisions.

The Small Robot Company

Next, we have a robotics company with around five years of experience in the field. Based in Salisbury, the company helps to provide automated vehicles to farmers to make their lives infinitely easier. When a crop has reached its maximum yield, robotics knows to intervene to maximize the profit of the farmer.


During the pandemic, the whole world turned to video games; even those who hadn’t played a video game since Pac-Man back in the day. As a result, Sidequest is growing in prominence as an app store for VR games and apps. If customers have VR equipment, they can play the games in this store. Likewise, it also provides opportunities for developers that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.


Now, we have a company that launched during the pandemic – it takes a brave business to launch in such difficult circumstances. However, the tool now offers lots of value to businesses that need to manage employees, hire new staff, and onboard new recruits. Everything you need is available in one tool rather than using outdated, slow spreadsheets. As well as automating some processes, others are sped up using an extensive dashboard.


By using crowdfunding, Beam wants to eliminate homelessness in the capital. As the company raises funds, Beam provides homeless people with the vocational training required to improve their lives. Still in the early stages of business, crowdfunding is going well, and investors will likely notice the efforts of Beam soon. If its appearance on this list makes investors aware of the noble cause, its place is worthwhile.


Finally, we have another business that launched in 2020. Based in Belfast, this company wants to boost the reliability and range of wearable technology by developing better antenna solutions. Although the company only launched in 2020, AntennaWave has already attracted interest from investors and the company is expected to keep growing as wearable technology becomes more prevalent in society.


There we have it, some of the fastest-growing UK companies to watch in 2022!


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