The Best Gameplay For Diablo 2 Resurrected Summon Necromancer

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In the era of 1.11, many people know that the strongest PVC is Summon Necromancer and electrical method, and I will introduce you to the most powerful playing method of Summon Necromancer. First introduce the skill addition and quality and attributes of Summon Necromancer.



Weapon – Infinity / Heart of the Oak / Boneflame

Weapon – Warshrek / Spirit / Stormshield

Helm – 1 Crown of ages / Shako

Body armour – Enigma

Gloves – Trang oul’s claims

Boosts – Marrowwalk

Bells – Arachnid mesh / Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Set Item – Summon skill super board + 45 HP x9 + 5% total resistance + 20 HP board X10, Hellfire torch


Mercenary equipment

Weapon: Faith / Hydra bow

Helm: Vampire Gaze

Armor: Tyrael’s Right


Attribute – Add strength to wear the crown of age, and the rest add physical strength

Skills – dominate skeletons, summon skeletons 20 points for dominating stone demons, 20 points for dominating resistance and 20 points for blood stone demons. The rest: skeleton mage, clay stone demons, steel stone demons, rebirth, bone shield, bone wall, damage deepening, weakening, fear and aging. There are 0 points left


PVC analysis: Summoning dead spirits is Necromancer with summoners as the main force, so the number and ability of summoners are the main. Therefore, Necromancer is the only hero in all classes who can only have three auras.


The most powerful Diablo 2 Resurrected Summon Necromancer needs the following three points: life, attack (damage, attack speed and accuracy).

In Necromancer, hell is the main summoner, skeletons and reborn monsters are the necessary main force, stone demons, mouth spells and mercenaries are the auxiliary force.

Therefore, I recommend Steelrend, Langer briser Damage deepening as a side force option.


From the skill analysis, skeleton 40 + Plus dominating skeleton can have an attack power of more than 1300. Therefore, these two skills need to be full, and more points will only affect the summoning quantity. Therefore, one point can be used. After all, the quality is more important, and more importantly, the life of the iron stone demon.

I want to explain here, Because our Steelrend is a very important side force, and it needs to be done with the advanced talisman language “Pride”, so it’s better to pay attention to the safety of stone demons. Only blood stone demons and dominant stone demons affect Steelrend’s life.

Adding points to Steelrend itself only increases defense and rebound damage. For Necromancer who uses human sea tactics, It’s impossible for monsters to only deal with your steel stone demons, so the effect of rebound injury is not big, and the defense here refers to dodge. Even a 40 point steel stone demon has only a defense of less than 2000. Compared with this, a 20 point more blood stone demon can provide 2000 points of life. Therefore, the dominant stone demon and blood stone demon here need to be full.


Why not choose clay stone demons? Everyone will have a doubt. Can clay stone demons slow down the enemy with more blood and more defense? I want to say, yes, the top clay stone demon can have 3W blood, but don’t forget that it can be called unconditionally.

Do you say you will cherish something you can tie at any time? Just because the iron and stone devil can’t die, we should pay more attention to his life. For example, we will cherish life more if human beings have only a few decades of life. Moreover, it is very useful to slow down the enemy, but with dominant skills, the movement speed of his men has been very fast.

In addition, wearing the Necromancer of the puzzle, a transmission can call back his men or spread them to the enemy, More importantly, it can’t increase the strength of our men, and against some enemies who move fast enough, we can use bone wall or bone prison to help with technology!


Well, since it is impossible for all monsters to hit Steelrend, we should pay attention to element damage. Many monsters do not lack extensive element damage, so the remaining thing to pay attention to is resistance. Therefore, we also need to fill up the dominant resistance. Everyone said that even if the dominant resistance is 40 +, it will only increase the resistance by 70%, which has to be said, The dominant resistance here refers to the constant value. Even in hell, the subordinates still have 70% resistance.


In terms of mouth mantra, most of them only need to deepen the damage, but to deal with some faster kings or elite monsters, they need to use aging, such as ACT2 and Act4 kings, and act3act5 villains, which is not much to explain.


In terms of white bones, the importance of bone shield is needless to say. The second is the bone wall, which is very important. Many novices don’t know that sometimes a bone wall will ruin your Necromancer’s life. Although Summon Necromancer has his men piling up in a sea of people, it can’t be too far from the shore to watch the fire, but it’s dangerous to stand on one side.


Sometimes some king’s moves, For example, Barr’s ice magic and fire-spitting, as well as the fire ring that destroys God and the fire of hell, some explosion and new stars can be withstood by a bone wall, and the bone wall can instantly become a prison. Personally, it feels better than a bone prison. For example, for the king of Duriel ACT2, as long as you hold it and press the bone wall, you can trap him to death, Let your skeletons fight it!


According to the analysis of the equipment, many people are very surprised about what to do with infinity. In fact, it is used to deal with the physical halving resistance of hell and some strange things. Sometimes PVP can also be used. The key points are Warshrek and Heart of the Oak. One combat system and another heart of the oak can add a considerable amount of blood.


After my Necromancer 2000 points of blood is used, it can reach 8000 points of blood. Of course, it is necessary to change wWarshrek to shout before turning back to summon the heart of the oak. In addition, even if you change infinity at this time, Your subordinates and the skills you used before also remain the same. The premise is not to use any skills with infinity, or the computer will rejudge your Diablo 2 items and abilities. The previous heart of the oak, shouting and skill bonus will be lost.


Let’s focus on the key points. We will explain the importance of Steelrend and the reason for choosing Langer Briser, because the ability value of these two talismans “Faith” and “Pride” is not important. The most important thing is the aura. Faith has a grade 15 mania (increasing your own 290% damage to teammates, 150% damage, 33% attack speed, 100% hit rate < – it’s a hit, not an accurate value), Pride is 20 and so on.


If you have 1000 points of physical damage, then when these two auras are injected at the same time, you will reach 3287 points, about 3.8 times (instead of 3.4 + 1.5 = 4.9 times). Well, imagine that the 40 + skeletons in hell basically have 1300 points of attack, and you have about 20, so having these two auras is 20 skeletons with nearly 5000 points of damage, Barr won’t last a minute.

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