How Long Should You Store the Firewood to Season?

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We all love sitting around the crackling fire! But, your plan to spend the whole night under the star sky and around the bonfire will ruin if the quality of firewood is not good. Have you ever considered whether you can put your very old firewood to the lit-up bonfire?


It is possible to store firewood for many years without any problem. It is a good idea to burn a little bit of older wood. Green and freshly cut firewood will not provide high calorific value. Freshly obtained firewood will create more smoke. Therefore, they are not very much useful for burning purposes.


If you want to get the most of your firewood, then you should store it properly. While storing firewood, you should make sure that it does not come in direct contact with the ground. Make a stack of firewood in such a way that proper airflow between the logs. Otherwise, firewood will start rotting due to excessive humidity.


You can access firewood by cutting a tree or you can contact reliable tree professionals. Some professionals offer no-cost firewood such as free firewood Sydney. Once you have obtained the firewood, then search for the optimum storing process.


Store Firewood Properly:

You should let the green firewood season so that you can obtain the high calorific value of the firewood. Also, you should never store firewood at the bottom of the hills because water can run downhill and can ruin your firewood. You should build the storage shed at least five feet high from the bottom.


You should consider paying attention to the climate while making a stack of firewood. Never pile up firewood close to your house because firewood is susceptible to termite’s infestation and it can affect your home.In addition to this, you should not store firewood very far from your house because retrieving it becomes very difficult.


Nobody will like to carry heavy logs on shivering winter days. You should store your firewood above the ground and also let the air circulate it. Keep your firewood uncovered so that damp air does not trap inside the firewood. The partial coverage will let the wind move around the firewood and protect it from rainwater.


Time Required for Firewood to Season:

The process of firewood seasoning can be described as converting the green logs into firewood. In this process, the moisture level in the firewood will reduce. It will take 6 months to one year for the seasoning of the firewood. It is based on the type of firewood and storage climate as well.

The pinewood or any softwood will take approximately 6 months to 12 months for the seasoning process.


On the other hand, firewood obtained from sturdy trees such as oak will take more than 12 months to season. There are some exceptions as well and it is recommended to check the average seasoning time for the firewood. You should keep checking the logs of firewood. If they are completely dried and slightly dark in color, then they are ready to burn.


Is It Okay to Use Dead Trees as Firewood? 

Usually, it is recommended to use the dead tree logs as firewood. We all know that the firewood should be completely dry to obtain high calorific value. The dead trees usually hold more moisture as compared to the living tree. Therefore, dead trees are not suitable for burning.


How To Detect Infestation on Firewood?

There are so many animals and insects that burrow inside the bark and firewood. What would happen if they would burrow inside the stack of your firewood? The first and simplest way to determine the infestation is by checking for the signs of critters. Your damp firewood stacks will attract ants, bees, centipedes, rodents, and many more.


If you do not find critters, then inspect deeply. You should look out for the animals’ droppings, their nest, or burrow.If you think the firewood logs are infested then you should never use pesticides or any other kind of harmful chemical. These harmful chemicals will ruin the quality of the firewood. You should always choose natural remedies to get rid of the infestation.


  • Freezing Of Wood

It is recommended that you should wrap up the infested pieces of firewood and precisely place them inside the big-size freezer. You should keep them inside the freezer for three days.


  • Heating Of Wood

It is recommended that you should precisely wrap up the logs of firewood and place them under the sun for approximately 24 hours. You should do cling wrap for heating firewood under the sun. Also, you can burn the firewood to kill the critters.


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