How To Start NBA 222 MyCareer – Most Of You Don’t Know These Secretes

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How To Start NBA 222 MyCareer – Most Of You Don’t Know These Secretes

The new NBA 2K22 is almost here! How should you start you NBA 22 Career? If you are having trouble picking up NBA 2K22 and constantly losing online, there are many aspects of 2K that will improve your game that are not obvious to beginners from badges to custom dribble. These are secretes 99% of you don’t know. Come and have a look!



Best NBA 2K22 MyCareer Secrets

  1. Take your time to make yourbuild

Don’t rush making your build whether yougot the 300K NBA 2K22 MyTeam coinsand then just go into thepark because you want to seeeverything. Don’t rush take your time. MT 2K22 actuallycosts real money and it’s kind of hardto get MT in NBA 2K22 that youwant in the game to make another build. So you know justtake your time when you’re creating abuild.


  1. Don’t over dribble

If you’re thedribbler, if you have the ball in yourhand or somebody on your teamtheir fatigue and their stamina startsto drop and it makes their shot evenworse. Soyou have to have high stamina to shootbetter, so don’t over dribble 20 seconds andthen take a four second shot. That justmake it more comfortable, nice and smooth. Do a little dribble, shoot the shot, run behind the screen, you got to do, just don’t overdribble.


  1. Get badges

If you are new to NBA 2K, you might think that the most important part of improving your player is increasing your attributes but Badges are just as important, if not even more important. If you just paid for MT NBA 2K22 to improve your player’s attributes and immediately go to the park to play with very few badges you will get smoked. Gaining the best badges can be what sets you apart from the competition and can help you improve in key areas of your game.


The best way to grind towards badges is usually playing MyCareer. You can get them playing in the park and in other game modes but due to the loading time and trying to find a game online, the best use of your time and the best way to get badges is just playing MyCareer offline.


  1. Choose perfect jump shot

When you first start playing NBA 2K, it may come as a surprise to realize that not all jump shots are made equal. Choosing or designing your jump shot should not be just centered on how amazing it appears or on copying the shot of your favorite player. Certain jump shots feature a larger “green window,” which means you have greater leeway in determining when to release the ball from the ground. When it comes to the best jump shot, there are a plethora of materials and viewpoints to choose from, but don’t be scared to experiment! Feel free to experiment with a variety of jump shots that you discover online to see which one works best for you.

Whatever jump shot you employ or how excellent you are at shooting, you should always invest in jump shot boosters to improve your performance. If you have the 2K22 MT NBA to spend on boosts, there is no reason not to have boosters on at all times when playing online, as this will increase your shooting percentage significantly.


  1. Don’t take 2K too serious

Have fun, have a blast with your homies and ifyou’re not the everyday kind of player, make a pure sharp, you can never go wrongwith making a pure shark, you kind ofjustfind your own little spot you cut in cutout and just shoot, you’re not going to miss, you havelike a 99 three pointer ormake an inside center. Those are neverbad builds at all. The case is if you’re not aneveryday kind of player, go with the pure sharpor go with the inside build.You cannever go wrong with that and thenwhen building your build, don’t touchthings that you don’t have.So this is going tothe 6-4 pure sharp.

If you have extraattributes or whatever the cases don’twaste the attributes onrebounds. If your player is not going tobe getting rebounds likedon’t even touch it, put it towardssomething else like your free throw your shooting, your driving layup, do those thingsbefore you eventouch rebounds if you’re like six fourand you’re not gonna get rebounds at all.

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