How to start using your spray can

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How to start using your spray can. It is certainly not one of the most usual and widespread choices in terms of art, but it certainly has many fans. Among the most exciting and intriguing shades of street art, Spray Paint Art always leaves you speechless, and that is why dozens and dozens of curious passers-by constantly surround spray painters in big cities and tourist resorts. Because yes, the result of their work is exciting, but watching the execution is even more so: it is, in fact, a brief, unexpected art form, which takes the inexperienced by surprise which, at least up to half of the little show, he can’t understand how from the use of some spray can and some piece of metal can set out to be an accurate picture of art. 


Yet it is so: by merging the typical techniques of writers with those of painting. The spray painters can pack respectable paintings, which leave the spectators stunned – who not by chance often end up buying these particular paintings. Intrigued by the performance of spray painters seen in the center of some metropolis, entranced perhaps by some incredible video on YouTube, or simply eager to try something new, you have decided to start practicing with Spray Paint Art. The first step you should take is to equip yourself with all the essential accessories, from spray cans onwards: let’s find everything you need together!


Accessories for Spray Paint Art: everything you need Spray cans

How to start using your spray can

The first and essential accessory is the spray can. To get started, you will need a decent selection of colors to avoid being immediately hindered by the absence of a specific shade. Indeed, your pantry should not immediately contain all the colors of the rainbow, but being able to count on at least 10 -12 spray cans if you want to start on the right foot with Spray Paint Art is a must. The second step will then be to buy a second can for each of the primary colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, silver, and black, white) to always have a dark and a light shade to choose from. . Suffice it to say that the line of Spray Cans Paint by Liquitex has a total of 100 color variations!


The final paint cans

To optimize the result and ensure a longer duration of the work in the presence of time and the damage caused by exposure to light, at the end of a Spray Paint Art job, it is always recommended to use a final spray. However, it is up to you to decide what kind of ‘touch’ to give to your painting, choosing between a matte, satin, or brilliant final spray.


Capsules for spray cans

Yes, the cans you buy will already supply with their capsule. But that precise valve does not necessarily guarantee you exactly the result you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for something different, and for this reason, on the market, you can find Fat type capsules, to fill large spaces or Skinny type caps designed on the contrary to create details and fine lines.


The glossy cards

Spray cans can be used on practically any surface with a minimum of porosity – whereas, on exceptionally smooth surfaces, it is sometimes recommended to use a unique adhesive. In Spray Paint Art, the most used support is glossy cardboard, which has several advantages: it is cheap, it is light, in most cases it is double-sided, and it can easily frame.


The spatulas

The more different spatulas you have, the more you will experiment, the more significant the impact of your works. Spray cans, by themselves, do not allow you to create precise details, and this is where the blades and spatulas come into play, true aces in the sleeve of spray painters. To draw the landscape drawing skyscrapers behind which starry skies are silhouetted and full of extraordinary planets, trace the fascinating waterfalls or the gloomy trees that populate the captivating landscapes of Spray Paint Art, metal accessories are essential. You will therefore need flat, pointed, small, large, serrated spatulas and so on, to which you can combine other small blades capable of giving shape – it is appropriate to say – to your art.


The cartons and cards

Whoever paints with spray cans must always rely on a good number of cartons and cards of various sizes to use to delimit the area of ​​vaporization of the paint. To paint the horizon line, for example, we will take long straight cardboard to delimit the earth from the sky. Many other smaller cards, then, will be used to paint other details. It is advisable to go for recovery as these accessories are concerned: old brochures, boxes, and cartons to throw away, magazine covers. Everything must be recovered, selected, and well stacked next to your painting station.


The lids

Why the lids? Because the lids of old conventions of ice cream, cans of paint, and detergent can give us those round shapes that cardboard cannot give us. And in the world of Spray Paint Art, there is rarely a lack of lunar and spatial landscapes, rich in extraordinary planets, round masks to be used as ‘masks’ for the creation of celestial bodies are essential. Here too, therefore, recovery must do!


The old newspaper sheets

Do you want to create different textures on your spray paintings quickly and completely free of charge? Well, collect some old newspaper sheets and use them to ‘dab’ your fresh color! Again, no cost.


The sponges

More and better than newspaper sheets, to create texture and mix the colors of various spray cans on the side and create bushes, tree crowns, and smoky areas.


The paper tape

It is impossible to control spray cans perfectly: in addition to cardboard, to create perfect lines – such as those relating to the edges of the painting – it is necessary to have a nice roll of paper tape, also perfect for immobilizing the cardboard to the work surface (which, in case, must be duly protected with cardboard or newspaper).


The cleaners

Your hands, the spatulas, the work surface, the spray cans: there will be cleaning at the end of your work. To do it quickly, we recommend that you equip yourself with detergents explicitly created for cleaning artistic accessories. As you guessed, to get started in the world of Spray Paint Art, you need several accessories: most of them, however, are salvaged, and indeed, we invite you to look around your home, in the garage or the attic for accessories that could use to make your works genuinely unique.

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