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The view of Ladakh is truly amazing. Breathtaking scenic beauty, clean fresh air, sunshine and adventure in the mountain hills will be a paradise. Here is the complete guide for your trip to Leh Ladakh.

There are plenty of ways to spend and enjoy your days in Ladakh, on the first day in Ladakh you must take a rest, this is very important for acclimatization. Give time to your body to get used to the weather conditions and Drink plenty of water.

Day 1

You’ll arrive at Leh , and on that first day you must take sufficient rest and have light meals to get acclimated to the high altitude. In the evening you can explore and visit shanti stupa and Leh palace.

Day 2

On the second day you can explore places such as Thiksey monastery, which is 20 kms from Leh city and takes approximately 30 min to reach there. By visiting one place on your second day, it will save your energy before starting on the long mountain drives.

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Day 3 

Nubra valley is the world’s highest motor-able road Khardung La Pass. It’s a 6 hours of journey, so start your drive from Leh to Nubra valley early in the morning. The journey through Nubra Valley pass is full of adventure and adrenaline views. The ride may be bumpy at some times, but the stunning mountain views will leave you spellbound. In the evening  visit the sand dunes in Hunder village , and opt for a double hump Bactrian camel ride.

Day 4

On the fourth day return back to Leh from Nubra valley. Visit the Diskit Monastery which is a 100 ft Maitrayi Buddha statue, on your return journey. There is a nearby leh market , you can spend some time there.

Day 5

The fifth day of  your tour begins in the early morning from Leh to Pangong , it is a 7 hours drive. Through Changla pass , it is not as difficult as there are simple straight roads that lead you through the region. You can find some best camps near Pangong which make your trip more beautiful.

Day 6

Visit the Drunk White lotus school on your way back to Leh and the Hemis Monastery which is richly decorated with prayer flags.

Day 7

The day dedicated to doing some adventure. Ladakh will offer adventurous activities like white water rafting on the Zanskar river, Magnetic hill and chai at the Gurudwara Pathar sahib. You can explore the seventh day around Leh to snap some memories.

Day 8

After an amazing and adventurous long you can head to your home.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh

The summer months are the best time for  Leh Ladakh bike trips. The months between May and September. During winter the place is really cold and snow covers the area, so it is difficult to enjoy the tour during winter.

Top places to visit in Leh Ladakh

  • Zanskar: An isolated region in Ladakh. The place is famous for its frozen Zanskar trek. The amazing zanskar opens up many delights for you. Explore the charming Nyerak village and pass through frozen waterfalls.
  • Nubra valley: Nubra valley altitude is 3045 metres. At times of January to March the roads get fouled with snow so they shut down the roads. In April roads reopen.You can see lots of apricot flowers all over the valley in april. The best time to explore the beauty and attraction of Ladakh is in early october. Only a few home stays will be available in winters. You can also explore Sumur and panamik. If you want to explore every part surrounding Nubra Valley, plan a three day stay here.
  • Likir monastery: Likir monastery is a Buddist monastery. This place has two assembly halls, they are known as Dukhangs. Likir monastery  has the utmost beautiful sceneries. Make sure you explore neighbouring villages too. We strongly recommend you to visit Jokhang temple. You can see  monks with drum beats doing their rituals. We also recommend you to visit the Likir museum. You can visit this place in June and September. Here annual festivals will be celebrated with food, dance, music, sports so on
  • Pangong Lake- The bluest lake, which is 5 kms wide and the world’s highest saltwater lake. It is a visual treat and heaven for wildlife enthusiasts. Numerous and wide varieties of animal species are here. Those who want to experience the local lifestyle you can spend some time here.
  • Tso Moriri: Beautiful and stunning mountain lake. The lake offers a picturesque landscape and a breathtaking feel. A large variety of flora and fauna make the place more beautiful.
  • Gurudwara Pathar Sahib: Gurudwara Pathar Sahib  is a worship place for sikhs. This was constructed in 1517 for Guru nanak dev. Generally the place was with a stone which was used to kill Guru Nanak dev by a demon while meditating but as soon as the stone touched guru the stone turned into a soft texture like wax. Here you can see the body prints of guru and demon’s footprints.

Popular treks in Ladakh

  • Snow leopard trek-  it is one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh. You can do snow leopard trekking. Climb up to an altitude of 3050 meters. Explore housing and walk around Rumbak valley , and it offers sights of snowy mountains, and you can spot the rare snow leopard on this trek.
  • Chadar trek – Chadar trek is all about experiencing local lifes, surviving in harsh terrains . The most attractive part of this trek is the frozen waterfalls on the frozen trail of zanskar. The trek is at an altitude of 11,400 ft. Sleeping in caves is a primary thrill, and  blazing bonfires in freezing temperatures.
  • Markha valley trek – most popular trek in Ladakh. You can stay in homestays, and experience the everyday life of locals. The trek involves many river crossings, along with crossing the Kongmaru La pass. If you are in Ladakh and can do only one trek, this would be the perfect one.

Packing tips for Leh – Ladakh

  • Inner thermals
  • Windproof jacket and sunblock
  • Heavy woolen sweatshirts, warm hoodies.
  • Gloves
  • Trekking pants/ trousers
  •  Medical kit


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