On the New World PTR, it’s now being used to test modifications to the endgame and a new seasonal event

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On the New World PTR, it’s now being used to test modifications to the endgame and a new seasonal event


In the game’s public test environment, players may also test out new missions and skills.

Because “a interesting and diverse finale” has been lacking from the game’s launch, Amazon Game Studios is looking at making changes to New World’s conclusion on the public test realm.

Right now, the New World finale doesn’t hold much intrigue. End-game elite zones are often rushed into by eager players in search of a better piece of gear that will increase their chances of obtaining even better loot in the future. As long as the player’s Watermark is at the current greatest level of 600 for each item of gear, this will continue

High Watermark will be renamed Amazon in the first instance. For the first time, gamers may now obtain High Watermark data through a blog post called “Experience”.


Outside of the agricultural elite zones, Amazon also promotes other high-level activities, such as completing challenges. Many high-level missions, such as Outpost Rush and corrupted breaches, as well as other items and activities, may reward you with gypsum when successfully completed. Gypsum Orbs may be used to build a wide range of weapons, armor, and other gear. The player’s inventory item’s Expertise level is raised. NW coins is useful in the game.


It’s still unclear how much of an influence this will have on the New World’s eventual conclusion. New World’s lack of high-level activities may improve over time, but for the time being, most people are choosing to focus on the few activities that provide the most immediate benefits. Concerns have already been raised about the employment of high-gear scoring items by players with little expertise. Endgame gear grinding is required if you want to get the most out of your gear, whether you manufactured it or got it.


However, there is still a great deal of work to be completed. The Winter Convergence Festival will also be available on the PTR in the near future. Tokens may be used to purchase new weapons, armor, and cosmetics after completing the game’s events and quests.


We’re also working on a brand-new method for crafting. When a trade skill achieves its maximum level, the leveling circle will display three more marks: 1, 2, and 3. Crafting may provide items and recipes that can be utilized in a variety of trades. The process of resetting may be performed forever, enabling the craftspeople to keep improving.


New World’s live servers will be updated in the coming weeks to include this new patch. It has been a wild ride since New World debuted in September. Since its debut, the game has been plagued by a variety of issues, making it hard to play for lengthy stretches. Due to Amazon’s recent modifications, the New World finale has been elevated much higher than normal. The time-traveling servers, for example, are still a bug in the game’s most recent major version. Cheap new world gold can buy from aoeah.com, constant delivery and safe deal!

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