Papa Johns Is Trying Out Gluten Free Options

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Papa Johns Is Trying Out Gluten Free Options

When you think of gluten-free meals, pizza doesn’t usually come to the top of your mind. After all, dough that’s made of flour is usually the base of a pizza. That leaves people who can’t have gluten to eat just the toppings or side items. Sometimes they have to get something different altogether. But that’s changing. Papa John’s is trying out gluten-free options.

Gluten Free Pizza Night

Let’s start with the menu. What are the Papa Johns gluten free offerings? Thanks to the build-your-own option, you can add the toppings and sauces you want to the new gluten-free crust. Instead of using traditional wheat flour, the cooks use ancient grains. A mix of sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa gives the pizza a great taste and texture without the added gluten. Just make your selections when you order. It’s that simple. Even if you aren’t worried about gluten in your diet, you’ll still enjoy it!

What Else Is New At Papa Johns?

That’s not the only new thing worth trying at Papa John’s. If you want to make your pizza even more epic, try the Papa Johns stuffed crust pizza. Get your crust filled with just cheese, or add some spice with pepperoni rolled inside. You’ll love every bite of every slice. And if you want a ready-made snack order the new spicy pepperoni rolls. You and your friends can share an order while you watch your favorite movie. They’re also perfect to take on a road trip.

Not Just Food Specials

When you check out what’s new at Papa John’s, don’t stop with just the menu. Check out how much easier it is to get great pizza anytime. Download the Papa John’s app. Use it to place an order even when you’re on the go. Just pick your items and schedule your pick-up or delivery.

And make sure you sign up for Papa Rewards. Every time you order from the app or website, you get points towards free stuff! You can cash in for your favorite items on the menu. The more you order, the more rewards you get. Now you have even more motivation to eat pizza!

Delivery Specials Too!

There’s nothing better than fresh and delicious pizza brought right to your door. Delivery is better than ever with Papa Johns delivery specials. Call your local store to see what they’re offering, then get the New York Style pizza you’ve dreamt of brought right to you! You can opt for contactless delivery with instructions for your driver to leave your food in a designated spot. Dinner on a busy night can’t get any simpler than that. Make it a full meal with wings, drinks and desserts. And don’t forget those tasty dipping sauces.

With Papa John’s offering gluten-free options, you can feed any crowd quickly. Take some time and explore the new offerings, as well as revisit your favorite classics. Take the pressure off yourself and let Papa John’s take care of mealtime. You can spend the time that would have gone to cooking for hanging out with family and friends instead.

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