Ranking The Smartest Characters In Death Note

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Death Note is known as one of the most popular Japanese manga and anime mystery series of 2006. The manga series is written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Death Note is so popular that it was made into several live-action films, a television drama, and an American film adaptation. 

The story of the anime revolves around a teenager named Light Yagami who discovers a mysterious notebook on the school ground. He collects the notebook from the ground and observes the title of the book. Firstly, he was unsure of the function of the notebook but soon after, he realized its potential. 

Light experiments with the book and kills most wanted and high-profile criminals with it. As soon as Light finds out about the book’s capabilities, he sees himself as God controlling the fate of others. 

After five days, upon discovering the Death Note, a shinigami, or God of Death, visits Light in his room. The shinigami introduces himself as Ryuk and enlighten light on the details of the Death Note. 

Death Note is a thrilling story about a boy named Light Yagami who is so blinded by power that he diverts into an antagonistic character in order to hide the fact of his deadly possession. 

However, before you get to binge-watching, get an insight about the smartest characters from the series without spoilers. 

Top 4 Smartest Characters From The Death Note 

Death Note deals introduce a lot of characters into the scene, from its protagonist to the antagonist. Every character enriches the story with engaging drama. Character building has played a huge role in building up the story to a level of popularity. 

Here are the four characters that contributed to the anime mystery drama significantly. 

Kiyomi Takada 

Kiyomi Takada is a former girlfriend of Light Yagami, who is well known for her effort to conceal the fact that Light is Kira or the killer. Kiyomi Takada has become a spokesperson for Light on the NHN television station. She defended Light in every possible way. 

Kiyomi, who is considered to be a very elegant and prideful person in her university, has become Light’s spokeswoman for her intelligence and calm demeanor. During the investigation conducted by the Japanese Task Force, Light convinces the authority that he is on a mission to find Kira. Light uses the Kiyomi to confuse the Task Force on their mission. 

Kiyomi has always been loyal to Kira, although she faces her ultimate demise as she chooses to ignore Light’s true color. 

Rem, The Shinigami 

Rem is also another Shinigami who has come to the human realm from the realm of death. While Ryuk was accompanying Light Yagami, Rem was accompanying Misa Amane. 

However, Rem has contributed more to Misa’s life and broken the laws all shinigami are bound to follow. Rem has protected Misa from her misfortune with Light and eventually sacrificed himself for her. Rem made sure Misa was safe in every possible way as he started loving her. 

According to the rule of Death Note, the shinigami are not allowed to fall in love with the humans as they can face their demise. Rem dissolved from existence both in the human and shinigami realm as he conveyed his love for Misa and acted on it. Rem was intelligent enough to detect Light’s way of using Misa to get away with his crime. 


Watari is the founder of the Wammy’s House, an orphanage that trains kids to become future detectives. Watari has always been accompanying L in his mission. When the state emergency meeting called upon L to help with the Kira case, he was there working as a middleman.  

When Light joined the Task Force, Watari appeared in disguise. He served as a communicator between Light and L. He made Light think that there must be more than one L investigating the Kira case. 

In a situation when Light tries to blackmail Rem into killing L, he kills Watari in disguised. Watari, before his final demise, deletes all the data at Task Force headquarters as previously ordered by L. 


Near is the youngest successor of L raised and trained in the same orphanage. Near has been assigned with the investigation of Kira case after L’s death. Near has a more calming character and has been able to retain his calmness in difficult times. He possesses knowledge of understanding facial expressions. He detects Light as Kira within a very short period of time. While L is seen to be dealing with his own dilemma of calling out Light as Kira, Near manages to conduct a much more swift investigation. Near’s technique of investigation remains undetectable by the perpetrators. 


Near can be called the smartest of all in the series, while most characters succumbed to their emotion. However, for a better understanding of the series, you must go through the dramatic, thrilling episodes on your own and tell us which character you think is the smartest in the lot.

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