Sar Pass Trekking: A Comprehensive Guide

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Sar Pass Trekking: A Comprehensive Guide


Clustered 13,700 ft. above ocean level in the Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh, sits a cold fantasyland that allures groups of globe-trotters into its overlays consistently. Sar Pass is quite possibly the most wonderful treks in Indium, and guarantees a variety of thick woodlands, woody glades and thundering streams.

The underlying piece of the Sar Pass trek is housed inside staggering woods that appear as though something right out of a dream film. The landscape shifts from green knolls to the Winterland of Narnia halfway through the trek! Patches of green and brown are hidden under a layer of fine snow. The last little while of the trek to the principal Sar Pass is the most exciting part, as the grade of the slant is almost 90 degrees! As overwhelming as it sounds, the encompassing Himalayan magnificence overwhelms your dread and exhaustion.

The feature of the Sar Pass trek is the plummet from Sar Pass, which can’t be navigated by trekking, given the lofty grade. You need to slide down the incline! It seems like an exciting ride, just better. Experience your heart dashing, and soul celebrating as the small kid in you comes screaming alive!

If this feels better, actually look at the arrangement.


The Plan : –

Day 1: Reach Kasol today. Preparation for the trek. Investigate Kasol and manikaran. Investigate the Israel bars and a decent party prior to beginning the trek the following day. Short-term in Kasol.


Day 2: After breakfast, the trek begins. Simple day of trekking by Grahan riverside.. Short-term in Grahan at 8000 feet.


Day 3: Moderate day of trekking through wildernesses of Kanwar natural life safe-haven. Short-term in Min cover at 9500 feet.


Day 4: Moderate day of trekking as we climb exceptionally high to Nagaru , timberline closes, knolls as it were. Short-term in Nagaru at 11000 feet.


Day 5: Early beginning for Trek from Nagaru to Sar Pass at first light around 4 a.m. See dawn coming. Cross the pass ( 12700 feet) by 11 a.m and afterward dive down to Biskeri Thach (14 kms 10 hrs). An extremely tiring and hard day of trekking. The D-DAY. Short-term in Biskiri at 10000 feet.


Day 6: Thatch to Barshaini, all slide, and then, at that point, drive back to Kasol ( 10 kms, 4-5 hrs and 1 hr drive to Kasol ). Arrive at Kasol by 5 p.m. Trek closes.


Sar Pass Trek Things to Carry



Purchase trekking shoes that are strongly suggested by trekkers in India as these shoes function admirably and you will have no episodes of slipping or torment by any means. Additionally, keep a couple of shoes and sleepers to move around the camps.



For a base knapsack weight conveys just two arrangements of garments. Try not to convey a towel as little napkins will be better. You can wrap a cleanliness sheet given by Jannattrips to change garments.



Convey something like 3 sets of underpants, additionally take the body hotter; as this aids when the temperature drops during the evening and early morning. Try not to wear them while trekking. Keep 3 sets of cotton socks.


4-Trekking stick/post

Purchase trekking sticks on the web or when you are going towards Grahan, you can purchase the wooden sticks.


5-Tiffin and mug

No compelling reason to convey a plate when you have a tiffin box, spoon and mug. YHAI gives pressed lunch consistently.


6-Rain Coat

The Himalayan climate is truly unusual without an overcoat; your internal heat level can out of nowhere go down. You can utilize a windcheater or waterproof shell, or rain guard.


7-Sun cap and sunglasses

Purchase any great sun cap or sun cap at the headquarters. The sun glasses ought to be captivated or dim in the shade. The UV security layer helps during snow trekking.



Purchase sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. It will save you from rashes and other skin issues.



Convey all prescriptions you require. Take most grounded pills accessible for upset belly and lose movements. Alongside this convey a decent aggravation ointment, pain relievers, bandages, against regurgitating tablets. (Try not to convey shower). ORS, Glucose powder and tablets help to handle parchedness.


10-Electronic things

Lights as you won’t get any power in camps. Additionally convey some additional batteries. For cell phones use a decent power saving money with a minimum 10000mah limit. Individuals with advanced cameras should keep additional batteries.


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