Here’s What You Need to Know About SEO Keywords

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Digital 2023: Australia reported that the amount of time Australian online users spend on the internet increased by 10%. This means they are online 32 minutes more than they used to. Moreover, 98% of Aussies who go online still use traditional search engines like Google, while the rest are now using social media to find information about certain things.

So, what does this mean for businesses in the Land Down Under?

According to the best seo company in australia, it simply means that if you want potential customers to discover your business, you need to have an online presence. And to be able to direct the 98% of Aussies who use search engines, you need to use the right keywords.

Digital marketers can’t emphasise the importance of keywords enough. But everyone knows keywords are crucial for SEO.


What are the right keywords?

To refresh your mind, keywords are any word or group of words that online users type into search engines to find specific information. They are the key that lets people discover your content or your website. And when you find the right keywords, you will be able to drive relevant traffic to your page and help your business reach goals.


How do you find the right keywords?

As important as keywords are, your seo company in australia will tell you keywords won’t impact your business if you don’t use the right words or phrases.

But once you discover the right keywords, you can easily lead audiences to your content and direct their actions towards anything beneficial to your business. This is how important keywords are in SEO and digital marketing in general.

So, how do you find the right keywords?

This is where keyword research comes in. It is the first step in any effective SEO strategy. And there are keyword research tools you can use for this. For example, there’s the free Amazon Australia Keyword Tool, Google Trends and Uber Suggest, among the top keyword tools in Australia.


How do you use keywords effectively?

It’s not so hard to find keywords that are relevant to your niche. However, obvious keywords or what are called fat head keywords have very high competition. And it can be hard to rank for them.

Adequate research will lead you to less apparent keywords but are more specific and have higher engagement and conversion rates. These keywords are known as long-tail keywords and consist of three or more words.

Once you have identified your keywords, the next step is analysing them. You need to choose the ones that will bring you the most value.

In every content you create, there should be a focus keyword. Base this keyword according to popularity, relevance and difficulty. Try to understand your audience and use the keyword where it matters most, including the title tag, the page’s body, and the headings. Just remember not to oversaturate your content with it.

The trend for SEO and Google’s algorithms is constantly changing. This makes you wonder if keywords are still important.

But despite the changes, keywords hold a special and crucial place in SEO. And now that 2022 is almost here, your digital marketing team needs to be aware of the trends in keyword research and use.

An excellent understanding of keywords today and where it’s headed might just be what your business needs to get ahead.

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