The Smartest Designer Tips to Upgrade Your WFH Life

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The Smartest Designer Tips to Upgrade Your WFH Life


Work from home has become a new normal for a lot of us over the past couple of years. If you are one of those who spends a lot of time working from home, then it’s time that you give your work from home space an upgrade so that you can feel energized and more focused when you step into this zone. You don’t need to make this a big project, rather making small smart changes can do the trick. Below are some easy-peasy tips that are a total must-try.

Add art to the wall: This is a very easy way to give a fresh perspective to your workspace. Since work from home requires you to interact with people on video calls, placing interesting artwork on the wall right behind you is a fantastic idea. An economical way to work this around is to move art from another place of your house to your workspace. If you are not a fan of art, then place some framed motivational quotes.

Pay attention to comfort: Long working hauls can take a toll on your health if you don’t pay attention to your posture while sitting. If you haven’t yet done this, then go ahead and shop study table online that comes with height adjustment so that you can comfortably sit for long hours without stressing your back. It’s a good idea to add a cushion for additional support.

Incorporate greenery: Work from home corner need not be a dull spot, you can rather make it very lively by simply adding potted indoor plants or succulents. They look beautiful, increase the oxygen levels in the room, and also play a vital role in reducing stress.

Invest in makeshift furniture: If you don’t have a dedicated workspace at home, and you end up working sitting on your wooden bed, then it is a good idea to get yourself a portable study table that can hold your laptop, your coffee cup, and a few stationery items with ease. You can use the same study table when you want to work sitting on the sofa. Gravitate away from specific office furniture, and choose multi-purpose pieces of furniture, for example, most study tables are the height of a dining table, so get yourself a dining table chair that can also be used for extra seating when you have guests at home.

Put on a painting hat: A full-proof way to upgrade the look of your WFH space is to splash it with a fresh coat of colorful paint. You don’t need to paint the whole room, just pick a wall in the room, preferably the one either in your sightline or behind you, roll up your sleeves, and paint it with vibrant colors like mustard yellow, dusty rose, or even teal.

Use the above pointers to upgrade the look of WFH space without breaking your bank.

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