5 ways to start plastic recycling business in India

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“We will only receive as much as we give,” Journalist Jagrati Shukla

Plastic is a major contributor to global warming today, causing congestion and increasing the concentration of plastic waste. Plastic reduction and recycling are the most effective ways to help the environment.

This business would not only help to improve the environment, but it is also one of the most recent businesses that people are starting. People are starting plastic recycling business in greater numbers. Here’s how you can get started in this industry.


The recycling market is new and has received little attention thus far. It is preferable to conduct market research on their functions in order to better understand their work. Look for a plastic company that is willing to collaborate with you and is willing to pay for recycled plastic. The best thing to do is educate yourself on the various types of plastic, their demands, and the market value of recycled plastic. All of these things will provide you with more information about this business.


Create a business plan

Make a plan, contact NGOs, or talk to a local volunteer who can assist you in collecting the plastic. You can contact various authorized recycling bin placements to receive more plastic waste.


Plan everything around the area where you want to start your business, and talk to different shops or organizations about obtaining waste plastic material. It is best if you plan how you want to move your business forward and contact people within the company for additional assistance.

License and Location

If you’ve decided to go ahead with this business, make sure you get a business license. Choose a location that you believe is suitable for a plastic recycling company and obtain a license for that location. Make certain that the location you select has enough space to accommodate the installation of the equipment. It is critical that you consider taking up a location that is not in a congested area.



Speak with an existing recycling business owner and inquire about the equipment required for this venture. You can look for the equipment online or offline, or you can buy it from E.M.I. You would also need to equip the location with the necessary items for the employees. Shredders, crushers, extruders, solar dryers, and washers are common machines. You’d need a large vehicle to transport it, so factor that in as well.



It is critical to promote your business, and promoting a business like this would necessitate assistance from local NGOs and volunteers. They can assist in promoting it at other non-profit organizations, parks, and schools, among other places. Getting it online on all social media platforms would also help raise awareness and get people involved. You can also contact schools and start a plastic collection program there. In this business, you would need to keep in touch with volunteers and schools or parks on a regular basis to ensure a steady supply of waste plastic. To know more about the Plastic recycling business and starting a business under 1 lakh, click here.

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