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Styling art – this is a process of providing a creative product featuring different styles. In the visual arts, with the help of this technique, objects or numbers take on a simplified form. It is further applied in music and writing. Styling makes objects of art understandable and is now widely used in interior design.

WHAT IS THIS Styling art

To begin, let’s see what style is. This word is translated from the Greek word “stick to the letter.” Over time, it has acquired various meanings associated with the ideological personality and artistic characteristics of the creative personality. In a broad sense, the concept is associated with different trends in the art, the culture of different times. Styling – a kind of imitation, decoration. For example, in literature, You can change the poem under the legend. Comedians and impersonators can act in a way that parodied people. Use his facial expression and speech. In visual arts, design, and photography, this method is also widely used. For example, the creation of paintings, antiques, the use of fonts in a certain way. Styling colors for inclusion in the design – it is also a change in their appearance under the culture of a particular country. For example, the image of blue flowers in the style of writing “Gzhel.”


This technique has two types:

  • external surface stylization;
  • decorative

The first type is built on imitation-ready models, simulating the method of an author, genre, flow. An example is the creation of modern motifs with Khokhloma paintings.

The second type involves binding product manufacture elements related to the spatial environment. Here decorative forms prevail over realistic moving images and reality. Styling forms can be so unrealistic that full detail turns into an abstract. He, in turn, is divided into the following types: natural patterned and fictional.


Top stylists are called children. They can simplify any complex patterns. Man, they can easily draw using “sticks” and “ogurechika.”

Using this method eliminates unnecessary details in the graph, showing only the essence of the form and character.

Styling is the process of decorating that can be used to advance a sketch of an object or to make a sketch once in a certain way. This work, which uses its technique, will find these features:

  • generalization;
  • geometric;
  • symbolism;
  • eccentricity;
  • glitter;
  • sensuality;
  • simplicity of form.

Designers use this technique to create short and full logos.


The main purpose of the style – is to transform a realistic transformation into an expressive and emotional subject. This is done through reflection points. To look at this thing, you need to focus on the essentials in it. Also, artists must study the nature of the creation of its forms, remove all unnecessary details, and not use the artistic expression. They are used with only lines and stains. To not reproduce nature, artists must incorporate associative thinking and get out of memory preserved impressions. Styling is the way to decorative painting, avant-garde, abstract art.

For beginners, it is recommended to understand writing with the simplest cool drawings transformed plants or animals. For example, sunflower, tree branch, a bunch of grapes, fish, and cat. The first sketches to help you understand the process. It is necessary to feel the shape as much as possible and understand that the main thing in this plant or animal radically distinguishes it from others. And with the help of spots, lines, and strokes, you want to show the object. After his appearance, he gives shape and Color. The final image should look like at the moment plants or animals.


Human Styling occurs using several techniques. One of them – it’s a real increase in human growth. Retaining his size, the artist changes the length of the thigh and the main parts. In this way, he is often used by the designer, throwing his new designer clothes.

When using the second method, models can change the size of the waist and neck, lengthen legs. In this case, also stored in the main body dimensions. This way, it is possible to focus on the individual characteristics of a particular person.

A very good example of a stylized image of a person – is the work of artists who write cartoons and caricatures.

The people in the photo are fully recognizable, although they may have unbalanced facial features. He may have an especially largemouth or nose, enlarged eyes, and eyelashes. Professionals manage to accurately capture the character and personality traits of the depicted person and determine to whom written portrait is easy.

Styling of the human body form observes in ancient icons. They depict people with elongated silhouettes. Animation and animation almost always use some styling tricks on people.


Styling plant derived from the production of various decorations, production of objects of artistic industry. Images of plants and flowers mimic art under their mapping used in the decorations of various countries. Summing up this form, the artists passed on the general shape of a flower or plant, its leaves. Styling colors, for example, were obtained using geometric shapes: a rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon. With the help of various graphic tools, artists convey individual features of the flower or even the entire plant. They can also be identified but get new decorative images. Sketches are widely used in decorating dishes, household items, jewelry artisans.


The stylized ornament can find in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Persia cultures. It would help if you started working with a focus on the perspective of the depicted object. It can be reversals elements in different directions, their surface or side images. When you create an ornament, you often used plant stylization. Animals are depicted in rather arbitrary decorations. They are positioned so as not to disturb the integrity of the silhouette and not to complicate the overall impression of the composition. If the image has a volume-spatial form, it is transformed into a plane.

Each country uses its floral design. According to him today, archaeologists have determined the scene found household items and housewares.


Styling is the process of decoration, which is out of the ordinary animal, for example, can make bright, colorful, and fascinating characters. Here again, comes the rescue fantasy, imagination, and improvisation. Decorative animal stylization has some limitations. Whether you want to draw a fox, a wolf, or a fish, all of these facilities must distinguish, usually in style used in animation, decoration of places, in the depiction of fairy tales.


Still life some things are combined into one group. The artist focuses on the structure of objects, their relationships, and the surface. The color, line, and texture of the surface are subject to a single plan. In a stylized still life, a major subject is around to put the rest of the parts to choose from. Things make it easy, transforming them into symbols and silhouettes. You can use the opposite approach to saturate the composition with decorative details. Styling the plant in still life occurs on the same principle. Their shapes give sharp corners, add bright contrasts.


This style of painting has the highest number of ways. Landscapes are depicted in paintings by various famous artists of the last century. Stylized landscapes can be seen in the paintings on the walls of buildings constructed in Ancient Rus. Later this method used in decorative arts. Japanese landscape – is a great example of a stylized figure in this genre. In figures without wind and linear perspective. All elements are of equal clarity. The landscape stylization allowed changes in the number of objects. The color scheme can be real or altered at the discretion of the artist.


Color – an important form of this technique. Transformed images of any genre should use Color to create the necessary impression and express the author’s intention. For decorative style, distinctive fuzzy color ratio, Color, and contrast are used locally. He can strongly emphasize the desired effect. In this case, even a stylist man is allowed to color unusual for him. This applies to all objects depicted.


Often it would help if you had a photo pastiche for the photo. Artists fully integrate the simulation of the desired style, correcting and retouching the original image.

With advanced computer technology, such changes are brought out by doing a digital photo. The program can stylize the image under artistic photos very quickly and inexpensively. In this case, the customer can choose the best option in the proposed fotooperatorom.

Pictorial styling includes the use of art processing techniques such as retouch, alignment, adding sharpness, contrast, adding effects, using light and shade to adjust, coloring, and more. This applies to all images, regardless of content.

You can stylize pictures by drawing, watercolor, oil, or ink. You can touch it, adding bright colors and transform it into a black and white version.

Very often, the last time people buy a stylized painting, oil painting. At the same time, using multiple images, the master can move customers to every corner of the Earth, at any time and in the space environment. The picture is very realistic. Images are printed on canvas, watercolors, silk. You can choose any style of web “writing.”

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