6 Tops Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe 

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Do you have too many tops but cannot pick one when the time arises? You might call yourself “spoilt for choice”, but that might not be it. You probably don’t have the right set of items for various occasions.

Even if you’ve covered all the latest trends, you still might be lacking somewhere.

So, ladies, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with the essentials! From designer women’s tops to peplums, you need to have the right assortment to never run out of clothes to wear. So, let’s dive into the details in this post.

1.     Peplum Top 

This is the perfect topic for any occasion and fits well with all body types. It has a very feminine and chilled vibe, which makes it more than just a passing trend.

From casual outings to semi-formal gatherings, you can wear a peplum top and set yourself apart. Not to mention it makes you look adorable!

2.     Lace Top

These tops are perfect for parties, celebrations or even dates! Anywhere you want to look beautiful yet classy, this is the top for you. As they come in various designs, styles and colours, you are free to take your pick.

You can check out lace tops in white or darker colours like emerald green. Pair them up with some cool denim and cute jewellery to turn heads!

3.     Curvy Jeans Tops 

These are extremely stylish and worn with denim, hence the name. You can get a variety of colours, along with excellent comfort, as these are usually crafted from soft fabrics.

As these tops have a dressy appearance, you can wear them with skirts or a pair of denim shorts. Meanwhile, the top is a bit body-hugging, so it might allow you to flaunt your curves!

4.     White Top or Tees 

No list of women’s tops will be complete without the classic white tee. You can consider it one of the quintessential elements of your wardrobe, which you can rock on any casual occasion.

Just pair it up with some stylish denim and cool canvas shoes to achieve the uber-cool look with a touch of class. For winter, you can go with denim jeans and a jacket combo. You can also put on some nice shades to complete the look.

5.     Designer Back Tops 

Are you planning a girls’ night out? Or date someone special? Then designer women’s tops will be perfect. These tops have a unique design at the back, including lace or zippers (that’s why it’s trendy among teenagers and young fashionistas).

If you want to set yourself apart and achieve a distinct yet sensual look, then you can’t go wrong with designer tops.

6.     Off-the-Shoulder Tops 

Known for their style and slight sex appeal, off-the-shoulder tops are ideal for semi-formal occasions, parties, or any casual outing you can think of. This top can include one or both shoulders and are usually loose.

You can easily pay them up with denim, chinos or slightly loose trousers. And the best part about these tops is their comfort and variety in designs.

By now, you must have deciphered the ultimate style code for your tops. So, whether you want to go with some white tees or the classy designer women’s top look, make sure it fits well. It’s crucial as when you wear a well-fitted top, you stay comfy and feel like a million bucks. And when you feel good, you look fantastic!

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