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Cricket has been an integral part of thousands of people across the world and one of the most popular sports in India. The kind of excitement people have about all things cricket can be traced while talking about sports memorabilia cricket. But in order to understand that, it’s important to know what sports memorabilia cricket basically is?

So, the basic definition of it is that they refer to collectables related to Cricket. This may include equipments, signed cricket balls and bats, jerseys, trophies, medals, sport cards, photographs and autographs.

With the ever increasing popularity of the Cricket, the Sports Memorabilia Cricket industry has also gained the equal amount of recognition and interest from the passionate fans of the sports over the years.

Second important thing to know about the sports memorabilia cricket is where can you possibly buy them?

There are so many organisations working to provide the passionate cricket fans the exclusive service of signed cricket memorabilia, including cricket bats, cricket balls and jerseys. They usually claim to provide certified, authenticated officially signed memorabilia, artefacts from the cricket players, coaches and of the teams involved. 

But if you are interested or making this investment for the very first time, always remember to make sure to try to buy it from the stores or organizations that are trustworthy, reputable and working with the players themselves. If you want to buy Indian players test cricket jerseys, retro kits or any other merchandise, then you can consider MPL. MPL Sports is the official kit sponsor of the Indian cricket team. Be it the glorious whites which the Indian team adorns in Test matches, the retro jersey that they so proudly wear in limited-overs cricket, or the training kits – you can find them all under one roof.

But as we progress towards the digital era, a similar kind of revolution can be seen in the cricket world with the launch of digital cricket assets. 

So, here’s the deal about cricket assets: a great collection of officially licensed unique digital collectibles ranging from player cards to video moments to cricket artefacts.. You can also buy digital cricket assets in the form of NFTs as well. Whether it is match winning sixes or cards of all the players who won Man of the Match in the major league finals or iconic photos from T20, Test Match, ODI or domestic, cricket collectibles have it all. 

Rario, an Indian tech platform is one of its first kind of cricket based digital cricket collectibles platform where every collectible- audio,video,moment cards will have a unique serial number and unique identification tied with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology. This would mean that you will be among a selected few fans who own a particular moment of action.

So, if you are the biggest fanatic of Cricket and would like to curate match winning boundaries, moment cards or terrific shots in the history of the sports, then Rario is the perfect place to take this passion to another level. So now instead of just following your favourite players in action or watching their jaw dropping skills — you can own those plays.

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