What Makes The Best Aftermarket Suspension Kits?

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If you’re a fan of aftermarket accessories, you know how a suspension kit can upgrade your ride. In addition to the optimized off-road performance and improvement in appearance, a pro comp suspension kit can make it easier to steer your Jeep and handle it even on the roughest roads — and that’s saying a lot. Whether you drive a truck, a Jeep, or another off-roading-friendly vehicle, you are already primed for action on an unpaved road, but a suspension kit can make the next off-road adventure an even more intense experience. How do you know which aftermarket suspension kit is the best one, though? Check out these tips for finding the right suspension kit for your vehicle.

Proper OEM Fit

The first criteria for finding the right suspension kit is ensuring that it has the proper fit. Suspension kits are not one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to find one that’s compatible with your Jeep or truck. Finding the right one depends largely on the make and model of your car, although in some cases, a suspension kit may be compatible with several models of vehicles. This is especially true for some OEM kits, which are often produced by manufacturers that create parts for many different vehicles.

When you’re shopping for OEM suspension kits, you should first determine what kind of kit you want. Some suspension kits only include aftermarket springs, for example, to modify the way your vehicle handles. Others include a comprehensive lift kit with all of the parts needed to give your car a substantial lift. Lifting your vehicle can be beneficial for off-roading activities, and it can also allow you to upgrade your wheels and rims to bigger, better options. If you want to put 37 inch all terrain tires on your Jeep, for example, a lift kit can make it easier to do so.

Tunability for Best Performance

You should also remember that an ideal suspension kit can be tuned to meet your exact specifications. Different people have different preferences regarding the tuning of their suspension, so there is no single right or wrong way to do it. Rather, you should determine whether you want a loosely-tuned suspension or a tighter tuning. The former can provide a more comfortable ride that offers cushioning on bumpy roads, but the latter can be optimal for performance and provide smoother handling in turns and navigation. Which one you want depends on how you primarily plan to use your vehicle.

Tuning your suspension to achieve the best performance is a popular option amongst off-road enthusiasts. If you fall into this category, you will likely favor a tighter suspension, and you may also want to invest in an accessory such as a Smittybilt winch to ensure you stay safe during your off-road adventures. Smittybilt winches are great for hauling vehicles that are stuck or scaling challenging surfaces like rocky terrain. Winches are typically made of an ultra-strong chain or cable that can effectively rescue your vehicle if it were to become lodged in a challenging scenario.

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