Are New Solar Panel Systems Much More Efficient than Older Ones?

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How to Choose Which Solar Panel Technology to Use

This can be challenging, and is the primary reason why you should consult with a solar specialist before making a purchasing decision. There are many variables to factor in when considering solar, and we will share some of those with you today in this article. What you need to know is how efficient is the technology they are installing, how long will it last, and will you actually end up saving money by converting to solar.

New Products in The Solar Industry That Are Easy to Install

Solar panels aren’t the only solar devices being installed on homes today. Lighting, hot water heaters, garage door openers, and attic cooling devices are all being designed with solar technology. This makes having these amenities more affordable in the long run. Solar lighting is not only suitable for the exterior walls of the home, but solar path lights are also becoming popular among property owners looking for affordable ways to light their property up at night.


Are New Solar Panel Systems Much More Efficient than Older Ones?

Improvements in technology for the energy sector are seen every year, and this has affected every area including the efficiency of the panels themselves. The differences in efficiency are stark when comparing older, aged panels to brand new ones, however the difference may not be as great on panels that are only a year or two old. As this sector continues to grow and the use of alternative energy such as solar and wind power.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels use the light particles from the sun to activate the panel and create electrical energy that runs as a current through the panel. This energy is delivered to the final destination and provides the power to work the item that is desired. It can be used to supply energy to any electrical item, home, or some businesses. The power is collected the entire time the sun is shining on the panels, and sent to a battery for storage until something draws the power from it. The more panels the bigger the battery they can support, and where several panels are in use there can be several batteries to store the power, or a few large batteries.

Newer Panels are More Efficient

According to industry experts, and many Solar power technology installers, the efficiency of solar panels is measured by how much of the energy that is taken in, or how much sun is absorbed, compared to how much energy is produced. When first being used they provided under 5% efficiency, and improvements have continued since they were originally created. By early 2000s panels reached over 20%, and currently range from 20%-40% efficiency.

As the technology continues to improve, they will become more efficient over time. The more efficient the panels are the less that are needed to provide the same amount of power, allowing buildings to be powered by solar panels in an amount that is reasonable to have on or around the building. The fewer panels that are needed to provide the needed power, making them a viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Additionally, the efficiency of solar panels deteriorates over time. As years pass the tiles will become less efficient, and it may be necessary to use more panels or to pull less power from them in order to maintain the charge in the battery.

Cost of Replacement

The improvement of solar panels is not only in their efficiency and ability to provide more power, but also in lowering the cost and making them more accessible to more people. With increases in efficiency and better affordability, it is often worth replacing older tiles with newer tiles. As there is a cost savings to using solar energy, they can be a worthwhile investment. The lower costs of the new panels makes them affordable to many, and it becomes both financially and energetically efficient to replace older, deteriorating panels, with new efficient panels.

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