Unique Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

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Unique Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas. If you’re looking to refresh your style by moving back in time and a lot of money to do it, then these DIY shabby chic decorating ideas are precisely what you require! Redesigning your living space doesn’t take much. Maybe some rolls of lace, some art glue, sandpaper, and a pair of cans of splash paint, and you’ll be well on your approach to using the peaceful vibe of shabby chic decor after a simple way of life. And, once you’re done, forget about worrying about scrapes and scrapes ruining your furniture because that’s what shabby chic is: blending feminine elegance with the regal vibe of time and time. These DIY shabby chic designs use single rhythms – such as material roses and paper prints – along with various forms -, lace and chalk colors – to give just the right touch towards lotus drawing.

Box it with roses

Don’t let your remaining trim parts and spare parts go to waste! A plain frame box can convert into an adorable vintage-looking token holder with a few bits of fabric, buttons, and a small stage. The exposed wood is printed with white paint for an even more antiqued look, making this box look as cute as a button.

Pink “LOVE” suspended shutter

This old shutter has been enhanced with pink and sanded paint for the perfect shabby chic look. Make your home warmer and more welcoming by showing your philosophy of “LOVE” in bold. It is a beautiful way to redesign an old part of a house that would otherwise throw away.

DIY Shabby Chic Plaster Decor: Victorian Mirror

Decorating Ideas

Do you have a luxurious mirror but aren’t crazy about color? It is an easy fix with some colored chalk paint and a piece of sandpaper. This mirror went from gaudy silver to a green shabby chic dream with a coat of matte chalk paint. Sanding the edges gives it that old, worn look and makes this mirror pop with style.

Dress Up the Lace Dresser

The drawers have gone from the Jane top to the prettier ones in lace on this simple sideboard. The key to this subtle and beautiful piece of furniture is the colors that almost match but are slightly nuanced. When the lace is used as a stencil, you always get a perfect pattern, and with some matching drawer handles, this piece screams both elegance and style.

Simply elegant gold earring frame

Show your exquisite taste in jewelry with this clever little piece of artistry. This ear stud connoisseur took an ornate frame and coated it in a shiny metallic color between gold and silver. Chicken wire attached to the back makes it easy to hang earrings and other jewelry, so they display in style and don’t get tangled!

Window frame in antique fabric

An old window frame is a perfect base for this adorable artistic touch. Spare pieces of fabric are attached to the back where the panels should be, and a small fabric flower garland completes the whole thing. This art piece lends an almost rustic, homey vibe to any home area and can be made from fully recycled materials!

Shabby Chic decorating ideas painted in chalk color

Chalk-colored matte paint is DIY-era’s shabby chic best friend and can be used on many furniture and knick-knacks. Try putting a coat on old mason jars and sand the edges just a little for a vintage but updated look. They make great flower pots and can even be painted to match the color of the flowers. Pink is a hot and excellent choice for just about anything.

Hemp and floral accents can

An old jar can nevermore look so good covered in a piece of burlap and lined with off-white cloth heads and bows. You can transform any desk or workspace from boring to elegant with a couple of crafty accessories like this one. Plus, it’s meant to hold spare pencils and pens instead of storing them in a drawer somewhere to be forgotten.

Old monogram hook shutters

This crafter took some old wooden shutters and used the outside wood as a frame with some chicken wire attached to the back to create a tidy space for easily hanging cute pictures and items. Decorated with some old clothespins and finished with small monochromatic flags, these pieces give a personal touch that can customize for anyone.

The window for a restful evening

An old closet door can use to create a cozy but straightforward headboard for a shabby chic bedroom. This redesigned door was attached to the wall for stability and painted with a fresh coat of white but sanded down a bit for that worn look. It just serves to show you how an old forgotten piece of furniture can turn into a bit of love and imagination.

Perfect but straightforward side plan

Pale whites, pinks, and blues are with the various beautiful shades in a shabby-chic decorator’s review, but the color of mud gray shouldn’t minimize. This bedside table is upholstered in an earthy gray tone making it a perfect neutral piece for adding pretty decorations and accents. It’s a foundation that anyone can customize with whatever they love.

Notice this Mason-pressed jar

The pages of a music book are no longer to waste the old piano. This artist used paper matches to wrap an old piece of music around a jar and cut it with twine and fabric flowers. It is perfect for any music lover and can be used for endless possibilities, from holding pencils to storing sugar.

Lampshade in curled pastel pink shade

If you have an old light shade that doesn’t fit your current style, a few spare pieces of fabric will completely transform it. The roses are made from curled material like a garden hose and glued onto the lampshade to create a new look. The result is adorable and goes well with a shabby chic room with other pink accents.

Delicately flowered porcelain plate blackboard

Silver plates get a new lease of life with a coat of matte white paint in this pretty craft. The center is coated with regular black paint that turns the entire plate into a framed chalkboard for decoration, appointment reminders, and personalization. The sky is the purpose of this cute design, and you can also put some petals around the sides for a more delicate result.

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