Sweet Edible Gifts For The One with a Sweet Tooth

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Gifting is a beautiful activity. Gifting strengthens relationships, fosters happiness, and brings in good vibes. No matter how much the sender enjoys the gifting process, selection of the gift is something not enjoyed by many. If the recipient is born with a sweet tooth, the only gift that you could think of is chocolates or Indian sweets. The receiver may be happy to receive his/her favourite  chocolates everytime, but as a gift giver you feel guilty. You want to give something sweet but different and here are your ideas.


  • Cakes: Gifts are given to mark celebrations. And a celebration is incomplete without a cake. Cake is the sweetest gift you can give to anyone, even if he/she is not born with a sweet-tooth. Cakes are ideal for commemorating all types of events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Cakes are now exchanged on festive occasions of New Year, Christmas, and Diwali. Your cake choice can depend on the occasion. For Christmas, let it be rum or walnut cakes. Birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated with pinata cakes. Relish cream cakes on Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. Midnight cake cutting is a ritual. So, send a sweet surprise to your dearest one by scheduling Bakingo midnight cake delivery in Noida at the person’s place.


  • Gourmet Hamper: For the foodie in your life who likes all things sweet, this is one gift choice. A gourmet hamper is composed of edibles that the recipient enjoys. It can be customised as per his/her taste. An example of gourmet hamper– a box full of chocolates, coffee, desserts beautifully packed with flowers and ribbons. You can add chocolates like Dairy Milk, Lindt, Kitkat, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Hershey’s Twix, Temptation. Then, select coffee from good brands like Davidoff. Moving on, add some snacks, cookies or pringles. Beverages and spreads like Nuttella jar can be packed into the box.


  • Homemade Love: Do you enjoy cooking and baking? If yes, go with homemade products. Homemade edible items are much more preferred these days because of the pandemic situation.You can make chocolates, spreads, jams, cookies, cupcakes, mousse cups or any edible item at home. Experiment with flavours like rasmalai chocolates, blueberry cookies, fruity spreads and jams, truffle mousse cups. Spread homemade love with these sweet edible items.


  • Mukwas: Mukhwas in English means mouth-freshner. It is consumed in every Indian household as an after-meal snack or digestive aid. Many colourful and sweet varieties of Mukhwas or mouth freshener are available in the shops. Mukhwas hampers have become quite popular and are highly favourable for gifting. A Mukhwas hamper of small jars filled with natural handmade herbs such as Meetha-paan-gulkand, saunf, supari will give the receiver much needed freshness in the sweetest manner possible.


  • Assorted Popcorn: If you are unaware, let us tell you other than butter popcorn many more flavours of popcorn have come. If the person likes everything with a touch of sweetness in it, you can extend to him/her a pack of assorted popcorns in delicious flavours like caramel popcorns, chocolate popcorn, strawberry, peanut butter, and many more lip-smacking flavours. Flavoured popcorns come in ready-to-gift tin boxes.


  • Spreads and Sauces: You can give spreads and sauces if you are thinking of giving something from the edible category. Caramel sauce, hot chocolate mix, strawberry jam, cookie mix in a jar, ,flavoured drinking powder in Add to it items that can be eaten with these sauces and spreads like cookies, marshmallows, waffles, etc.


We hope these ideas are enough for you to decide what to gift a foodie or a person born with a sweet-tooth.

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