Diablo 2 Resurrected: Why Is Jewelry Worth More Than Gems And Runes

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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Why Is Jewelry Worth More Than Gems And Runes

There are many equipment with sockets in Diablo 2 Resurrectedso far, what we are most familiar with is that white equipment can insert runes in a specific order to make Rune language equipment However, in any game, any equipment with sockets can be strengthened by inserting inlays, so that this equipment has more attributes or stronger attributes. Are you looking for the best place to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder items for sale? Aoeah.com is most trustworthy store to buy D2R items.


The inlays in Diablo 2 Resurrected include gems, runes and jewelry. Gems and runes play different roles when inserting different equipment. For example, No. 7 Rune tower can add 75 poison attack when inserting weapons, and the effect lasts for five seconds. However, the anti poison ability when inserting clothes can be increased by 30%, and the anti poison ability when inserting shields can be increased by 35% Jewelry is different. Its attributes will not change whether it is inserted into weapons or helmets, clothes and shields


Choose jewelry as inlay, of course, because it has more affix combinations. If only one affix is needed, wouldn’t it be better for us to choose gemstones or runes? Blue jewelry can have a prefix and a suffix, yellow jewelry can have two prefixes and two suffixes.


The value of jewelry is determined by his affixes. Whether his affixes are useful or not determines the value of the jewelry As long as there is one attribute in jewelry, which is the main attribute you need, and add one to three useful attributes, it can have a little good value.


For example, if there is a suffix of attack speed plus 15% in jewelry, it can be an attack speed bead. If the prefix is combined with a fire resistance plus 30%, it can inlay andalil’s face and make up for the 30 reduction in andalil’s face. Since the suffix chooses attack speed, it must be inlaid into the physical profession. The prefix is combined with minimum damage, maximum damage and damage enhancement, All resistances are very good affix combinations


Due to many affixes, bright gold jewelry is also prone to bug beads, that is, it also has the attributes of enhanced damage, maximum damage or minimum damage. At this time, a bug will appear when inlaid on the melee armor, resulting in the invalid enhanced damage attribute, but it can be inlaid on the weapon or long-range play armor.


Sometimes there will be more than one socket on a piece of equipment. We will insert multiple jewels. If we insert the jewels with the maximum damage and the minimum damage first, and then insert the jewels with enhanced damage attributes, the jewels with enhanced damage attributes will also be invalid.


When we insert jewelry with maximum damage and minimum damage enhancement attributes, we must pay more attention to the inlays in Diablo II Resurrected. As long as the insertion socket position is impossible to remove, we can only remove them. No. 15 plus return scroll can remove the inlays on the Diablo 2 items.

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