A Complete Guide to OPMS Gold and Silver Capsules

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A Complete Guide to OPMS Gold and Silver Capsules

OPMS is regarded as one of the long-standing brands in the Kratom market of Kratom. If you are an avid Kratom user you must have come across the products. OPMS or Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions focus on bringing the most concentrated extracts from Kratom. In addition, the product has consolidated its position in the mainstream Kratom market with its signature quality and solutions.


Most users prefer to purchase OPMS Gold Capsules. Apart from this, OPMS has categorized variants of products like gold extracts, silver extracts, and more. These products are quintessentially different in their ingredients and manufacturing process. Here, in this article, I will evaluate all the necessary details one should be aware of before purchasing them. Before I get into the main discussion, here is a short brief for beginners who are not aware of OPMS at all.

What is OPMS Kratom all about?

Back in 2010, the market of OPMS started to emerge in Atlanta. Since its introduction to the market, it has widely been recognized as the finest Kratom product. Moreover, the effect of this solution has marked a revolutionary impact by yielding premium quality material.

In fact, within a few years, the online market of Kratom has been flooded with different strains of products like Black, Gold, and Silver Extract Capsules. Even though the feedback on the new products was somewhat satisfactory, the brand has predominantly strengthened its stance among the users. Moreover, the high-concentrated potency was one of the favorite aspects among the consumers.  You can read the Opms gold kratom extract review to know about it and its effects. OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions and its main kratom products include gold pills, silver pills and opms liquid. Read on to know more about it.


OPMS Gold Capsules

This category of capsules is one of the highest-selling capsules. The brand has integrated a large dose of Mitragyna Speciosa in the form of a non-GMO pill. The unique blend of Kratom extracts with powerful cold water compression makes this capsule even more impactful. The brand has infused cold water diffusion with Kratom leaves and was medically tested before packaging.

Moreover, the cold water extraction formula allows securing the ratio of alkaloids and also preserving the integrity of the natural herb. In fact, this capsule is around 95% plant-based.



Now let’s turn the discussion to a deeper level. A 200 mg capsule contains a 50:1 potency ratio of organic Kratom extract powder. In addition, it is manufactured from premium quality and highly concentrated Maeng Da Kratom. In simple terms, the ratio of Mitragynine and 7-OH used in the Gold Capsules are safe for regular consumption.


Well, if you are new to the Kratom industry, you might wonder which one is more impactful powder or extract. In general, the extract is 20 times more potent than the powder. On the other hand, Kratom Gold Capsules are 50 times more potent than the powder. Hence, in order to take the maximum benefits of Kratom, you must go for the gold extracts.


Who can have the OPMS Gold capsules?

As these capsules are manufactured with highly potent strains, it is very effective to reduce anxiety and pain. Moreover, it dramatically changes your mood and boosts energy as well. If you are in the outlook of keeping yourself activated, focused, and energetic, these OPMS Gold Capsules are ideal! However, this is not at all a good choice for beginners, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant ladies. Let your body be accustomed to the light dosage and then gradually increase the tolerance level.


OPMS Silver Kratom

OPMS is somewhat different from the Gold capsules. It consists of standard Kratom powder and is regarded as a 1-time extract you will get both Maeng Da and Malay; however, the combination of red, white, and green is not clearly stated. The Alkaloid quantity is blended in batches and maintained to keep the quality consistent. Even though the presence of Alkaloids is quite high, it is not detrimental to health.


The Silver extract contains 1X designation which signifies the same level of Alkaloids and Malay Kratom. On the other hand, the Maeng Da powder comes with green vein leaves. Even though it is categorized in the organic section the ratio of the energizer is not clearly mentioned.

Apart from the regular silver category OPMS produces a multitude of classifications. The OPMS Thai powder is extracted from the green vein. Different users reviewed this product as a mood enhancer. It also claims to increase attention and contains nootropic components.


Under the special reserved category OPMS produces silver capsules that promote good sleep and fight against anxiety. This capsule is manufactured from indigenous Malaysian Kratom trees.

The next category OPMS Silver Mitragyna Javanica has no Kratom rather it contains Mitrojavine. Hence, it enjoys free legal status throughout the world. In addition, it is milder than gold Kratom capsules.

Who can have the OPMS Silver Capsules?

The OPMS Silver capsules contain a higher level of Alkaloids than regular Kratom powder. In fact, the salicin and curcumin found in the capsule are not the properties of Kratom. Reports suggest that the silver capsules are great to ease chronic pains. In addition, it is also a good choice for relieving headache


How much will the OPMS Capsules Cost?

Now that you are aware of the classified ingredients, you must be wondering the price of these capsules. The price varies on different websites. The OPMS Gold Capsules are available in three different packages which include two, three, and five counts. For the two counts, you have to spend around $20, for three, the price is $26 and for five the package comes around $40.


The silver capsules are available in two distinct packages. For the sixteen count package, you have to pay around $6.49 and for 480 counts the price is $73.99. The more count you purchase the more the price will drop.


Honestly, the price is worthy and justified in terms of quality and sophisticated blending method of the capsules.


Final Thought

Even though both these forms come as extracts they are different in character. While the former is more potent the latter is mild. The Gold capsules are extracted from Maeng Da leaves which are quite strong in comparison to Silver. In terms of packaging, the Gold Capsules have three purple leaves and the Silver capsules indicate three gold leaves. Even though the packaging is occasionally modified in order to avoid fraudulence, the category is highlighted in the packets. Hence, while shopping, you should check the details very well.

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