How To Draw The Human Body? Step-By-Step Guide

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How To Draw The Human Body

Many beginners will not be challenging to draw flowers, trees, houses. But when it comes time for the role-play people, they will be lost because I don’t know how to draw the human body. If you, too, don’t, don’t even think to give up. Thanks to some techniques, you can instantly figure it out.


They are pretty simple. At the same time, these umbrellas will help you cope with the need to set:

  • Even if you do not plan to turn their sketches into colored cool drawings, in the beginning, still use a pencil. At any time, allow the correct figure.
  • Do not push hard. All movements are doing only light strokes. You do not have to suffer if you perform a misconception or want to redraw the outfit, wiping thick rubber lines.
  • Exercise every day. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to draw a body. Believe in yourself!
  • Watch your posture. You will not be able to give all his attention to the figures that are sitting correctly.
  • If you are fond of art, study the technique of others, go to the art gallery, buy the theme book. Skilled artists are familiar with how to draw the human body.
  • If you rubbings drew, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Note that you do not necessarily represent the same characters. It would be much better if it happened to others.


At all times, special attention is paying to the relationship between body shape parts. Before you paint the body, you need to know the correct size. The height of an adult figure 8 of his goals, teenagers 7. This part of the body student can adjust to a length of 5 times, baby – 4. hand size should be up to mid-thigh, your elbows should place at the same level with the waist, and knees – just middle leg. Leg length – 4 heads, and the head on the trunk – this is half the height of the whole figure. Fingers lowered, his hands are locating in the middle of the thigh. The height of the foot and the size of the nose. But its length is the same as that of the arm.



The average growth of men is about 170 cm, women 160. Her hands are strong, half of humanity long and muscular, so when a woman’s hands are slightly shorter. But the leg is longer than the female (relative to the body). Men have a strong constitution, broad shoulders, and short trunks. The woman’s body is more extended shoulders are often faster hips. Men have a thick neck, women – on the contrary, fine. As for muscle men, it is strongly labeling. So sharp contours of the body. At the same time, feminine, soft silhouettes, round shape, body fat more. Males stop – massive, large, and females – are more diminutive. Learn more about Top Paper Craft Ideas for kids.



The next workshop shows how to draw a person’s body:

  1. Start at the top. Draw a small circle, swipe from the straight bottom line. It should get an egg shape, just inverted.
  2. Draw a neck sketched with two straight lines as landmarks take away from the ear to ear.
  3. Draw a long (2-3 head width) horizontal line perpendicular to the neck. This refers to the location of the clavicle.
  4. On completing these two lines, draw a small circle of equal size – its shoulders. Slightly lower outline the two ovals, somewhat longer than the height of the head – this is the biceps.
  5. In a place where the biceps start, drag a housing body. Geometrically it looked like an inverted trapezoid – the bust, vertical line – torso, inverted Triangle – hips. Place above the last geometric figure marks the point – there will be a navel.
  6. On both sides of the Triangle, draw two circles (the most part should be on the outside), and just below it – the long ovals. They hips.
  7. Below – two small ovals for the knee. Let the little intertwined at the hips. And below – for the legs.
  8. For the legs, draw two triangles at the bottom.
  9. Try to draw a jumping body, add details, create your character clothes.



Now that you know the basic human dimensions and have learned to work with a man’s silhouette, you can learn how to draw a woman’s body:

  1. Start with the essential thing – draw a vertical line. To refer to the human body, place an inverted triangle on its upper part.
  2. Inside a triangle, draw another, looking up. At the corners of the inner figures, draw two circles denoting the chest. If you did everything right, the first one should be right, and the left of the line removed previously.
  3. Just below the main Triangle, draw a circle equal in size. The upper part is to go for a small triangle. This will be the pelvis.
  4. To draw hips and legs, draw two straight lines from the top of the circle. A bottom – two more, but shorter. One should look like brackets.
  5. Add lines and details, but the girl.


Then, now you learn how to draw a woman’s body.


According to the methods set out above, you can draw almost anyone – adult men and women, teenagers, babies. The main thing you need to do – follow the instructions to learn how to work the scheme. After a while, you, without the help of anyone, will play the role of beautifully and proportionally correct character. Don’t worry if you have something not working. At any time, you can try again.

Remember one important rule: the artist’s work does not end when he understands how to draw the body. It is also necessary to consider the character’s hairstyle, his style, give it the feeling to play the character’s role. In other words, using a pencil “breathe” into his life. Learn the art of line drawing, improve their skills – and you are all sure to succeed! I hope you have learnt this tutorial how to draw the human body.

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