Staying Sane While Working From Home

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Working from a remote location gives you the ability to escape the typical distractions that plague most Americans. With fewer distractions, you have more time to address the important issues in your life such as your personal and professional growth. A good overall health routine is crucial to your mental health. Making sure you are getting a solid sleep schedule, consistent exercise, balanced diet, and eliminating vices like smoking or drinking alcohol.

  1. Remote Working And Mental Health

The biggest benefit of working from home for moms is the chance to decrease family pressures. No daily commute, less household responsibilities, and you will tend to achieve a higher level of focus without the distraction of multiple telephones and office chatter. By eliminating the stress of everyday commutes and meetings, you will be able to stay on task and on top of your Mental Health. The ability to be more productive is a very important Mental Health perk, so taking advantage of the time you have available to work from home is essential!

  1. How To Stay Mentally Healthy While Working From Home

The biggest barrier that most working remotely faces is actually the challenge of dealing with the increased stress due to the distractions of home office environments. The trick is to balance the needs of your family with the needs of work during work-from-home hours.  It may sound simple to think that you can draw a bright line between each of these duties during certain hours of the day, but the reality is often much different.  Creating a separate space that is free from extra electronic devices can go a long way towards relieving some of this stress. A good ergonomic chair, soft cloths, and proper lighting can help to relax the mind and body. Many have found great success by establishing a dedicated work area away from the distractions of their regular business office.

  1. How To Optimize Your Home Office For Your Mental Health

How to optimize home office for mental health? The main difference is that you are not confined by a cubical, desk or desk-top keyboard when working at home. Instead, there are various working models that enable you to sit down comfortably, work with or without a desk or even recline. There are different ways of organizing these so that you can get more done without going back to your “real office”.

There are many upgrades you can make for your home office work space to improve productivity and mental health.  It all starts with having a designated space, and utilizing natural light.  Natural light can help to improve mental health as well as lower your Reliant Energy bill.

One way to optimize room so as to make mental separation between work and home tasks. This is especially important to prevent feeling work pressure at locations normally associated with rest and relaxation. You can make this more effective by using ergonomic desk chairs, desk accessories, and other devices, like the ergonomic 7-flex monitor arm. You can always arrange your office in the old fashioned way, with files and papers stacked up against one side, a phone on one side, and your work material on the other.

The second tip to keep in mind on how to optimize home office for mental health is to remove all items that might distract you from your work. Try to make a space that is for work, and only for work.  This might mean shutting the doors and keeping kids, pets and significant others on the outside while doing your work.

Working From Home

The third tip, which we have come across time and again with working remotely, is to avoid distractions by using a dedicated “working space” that has the opposite effect of the previous tip. Try to avoid having any television shows, magazines or videos on in a place where you can hear or see them.  Such “normal” home things can easily keep you from being able to concentrate on your work. Also, try to avoid using your computer for social media, or to read your personal email, because this can also divert your attention from your work.

Another tip for working remotely that should not be ignored is for you to get regular physical activity. You have to get off your butt and move! This is very important for mental health. In fact, this tip should be the first thing you do when starting your home-office environment. As you get into the habit of getting your physical self into action each day, you will find that you are much more relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

The fourth tip we have for you is to ensure that you are getting a nutritious diet. It is no secret that there are many health benefits to working from home. However, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding certain foods that are high in sugar, saturated fat and salt. We have all heard about the health risks associated with these types of food, but many people overlook the fact that these same foods can also be very nourishing energy providers. In fact, you may actually find that they help you to achieve more energy, which in turn helps you improve your overall health and well being.

When you consider that your home office design should be an extension of you, it makes sense that the optimal home office design should also take into consideration your health and wellness.

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