How To Prepare for College and Study Abroad During Covid -19

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For students intending to study abroad in the past year, it has been a rocky trip. Recent scientific advances and governments’ rapid actions and education organizations’ preparedness have once again enabled students to complete their studies in their dream nations. Like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ireland, many nations are already accepting overseas students with lenient travel restrictions. Students should take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead.

  • Opportunities abound in college.
  • While several COVID study abroad programs have been canceled in the past year, things are looking well for the future, and I’m in the final steps of applying to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, for the autumn 2021 semester.
  • It may be a challenging endeavor for individuals interested in studying abroad.
  • According to the education abroad advising center coordinator at UMass, there are several tools available to assist you in making your selection.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

“Studying abroad helps students to complete graduation requirements in a different setting,” according to LeBlanc student of commerce and working as an expert in essay help and college application essay writing help.

Some students desire academic opportunities that they won’t find at UMass. Perhaps they want to attend classes with professors from other nations who specialize in a student’s chosen area or take courses with professors from different countries specializing in a student’s chosen field. Some students want an overseas internship to differentiate themselves from other job candidates. Others wish to the UMass experience but not at UMass, so they move abroad to be a college student in a completely different setting.

“For students who desire hands-on experience, providing intensive field studies programs as well as research assignments where students may gain lab experience”.

Key features required to prepare for studying abroad:

Qualifications for Traveling Abroad:

To study abroad, students must be in good standing with their university. This implies they are not on academic warning or probation when they travel overseas, and now dean of student’s charges are pending. Some programs need a minimum GPA or class status, and the International Programs Office will assist students who are concerned that they will fall short of the criteria. The summer after their first full year at UMass is the earliest a first-year student can go overseas. After transferring to UMass, transfer students can spend their second semester studying abroad.

The year which is the best for a UMass student to study abroad:

Many students believe they must depart in the spring of their junior year, although this is not always the case. Some programs require a sophomore year to be on pace for graduation, while others spend their last semester at UMass abroad. Some students choose a short-term or summer program for a semester experience. It is ultimately up to each student to determine how they wish to spend their time and money. The earlier you begin preparing, the greater your possibilities will be.

The Stages of Research and the Application Process

Essentials, an obligatory study abroad information session, are the first step to studying abroad. This video goes through eligibility requirements, course design, finance, and how to find programs.

The next step is to look for a program that is a good fit for you! This will be determined by your field of study, regional choices, money, and other important things in this experience.

LeBlanc invites students to consider where in their life they feel the most successful and why, as well as what that would look like in another country.

  • Some kids prefer a warm climate with lots of sunshine, while others prefer a chilly temperature with less sun.
  • Anyone thinking about studying abroad should do their homework by reading what other students say about their experiences.
  • Instagram is a fantastic place to view the perfect, filtered version of everything.
  • If you want to wander about your city or school, Google Street View is ideal.
  • Students can attend English classes in countries where English is not the predominant language, so don’t rule out any possibilities before speaking with the IPO.
  • Another benefit of starting the application process sooner rather than later was that it allowed me to spread out the work I needed to accomplish. Getting classes authorized on both ends, putting in a general education abroad request, renewing my passport, and applying for a visa were crucial procedures.

The Business End of Things:

There are several scholarships available to help with the expense of studying abroad. It’s never too early to start saving, according to LeBlanc, and studying abroad is inexpensive, especially for those willing to take the less travelled path. We have programs at UMass that cost approximately $9000 for a semester, including housing, but you must be willing to travel to new places! With a few exceptions, your UMass financial assistance will follow you across the world! Several scholarships are available, but deadlines are short, so staying on top of things is essential. LeBlanc recommends researching the cost of living and exchange rates in the places you’re interested in visiting.

Academics in Other Countries:

When asked how easy it is to study abroad, LeBlanc responds that it varies, just like any other circumstance. She advises students to consider their UMass courses. Someone else’s favorite class could be a catastrophe course for you. You must examine your host university’s academic framework, which is where IPO comes into play. The IPO office always recommends students to attend a cultural course to understand more about their host country, as doing one in the United States will not provide the same perspective.


As someone who enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone, scared and thrilled to study abroad in the autumn. Every year, approximately 1,200 UMass students go on a study abroad program. Appreciative of UMass’s and host university’s support; they will be there for me every step of the way.

  • Students should remember that the best option may not be the most incredible option for their friends, so don’t feel obligated if a group of people is attempting to travel to the same spot.
  • Studying abroad at the University of New York in Prague, a partner school with UMass, after conducting extensive research utilizing the Education Abroad website.

Both UMass Amherst and UNYP applied after deciding which program they wanted to go to for. It’s critical that you stay on top of deadlines and finish BOTH applications! Because you’ll need a copy of your partner program’s acceptance letter for your UMass application, recommended completing the partner program application first.

The last piece of advice is to make sure you’re speaking with both of your advisors and to begin the process as soon as possible. There are a lot of processes, and putting them all together might take a long time. As a result, the earlier you begin, the better, and the more time you’ll have to make sure everything is in order. Moreover, preparing for universities get a lot easier with the professionals by your side helping you take care of the assignments like a pro!

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