Rocket League Top 5 Player Types

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Rocket League Top 5 Player Types

In Rocket League, the journey from beginner to expert rank is an incredible emotional lift. You will be caught between frustration and glee, and you will experience ups and downs. You will waste time sleeping, you might even alienate your family members, but it’s an initiatory journey that is well worth all those sacrifices, if you have the talent to make it through.


Along the way you will meet all kinds of pilgrims who, like you, are trying to ascend to the higher ranks. You will play against guys with near-perfect ball control, with teammates sometimes as good as blind ferrets. With an arrival of new players from the Xbox One version starting their Ranked Matches, we, reliable RL trading store – AOEAH.COM, decided to put together an ultimate list of the different types of players you are likely to encounter on Rocket League.


  1. The living God

Player characteristic: Perfection

Where we can find it: In your dreams and nightmares

You’re scared how many hours this guy has been on Rocket League. Finally, you would be, if you weren’t too engrossed in his phenomenal level of play, how he flew to pass just above you and gently stroke the ball with his left rear tire in a spin fantastic. The ball takes a trajectory that you never knew existed and it lodges at the bottom of the net before the tears even flow from your eyes. He’s the Rocket League Neo: he doesn’t need teammates, he almost doesn’t even need physics.


  1. The Sunday Pilot

Player characteristic: Conscientious objector

Where it can be found: Anywhere the bullet is not

There is a huge difference between staying on goal and being on the wrong side of the pitch every time. The Sunday Pilot has chosen the second option, and you don’t understand what is going through his mind. Is he afraid of the ball? Its connection lag to death? Is he morally against any form of sport? Why is he driving over the wall at the other end of the field? No matter: Its more than questionable placement will cost you the game.


  1. The Worst Player

Player characteristic: Really not good

Where we can find him: Scuttling his team

While the Sunday Driver tries, for some reason, to always be as far removed from the action as possible, The Worst Player seeks glory. Small problem: He’s probably the worst player you’ve seen.

Someone in the chat types ‘How did you spend Pro?’, As his tag indicates that he is not a beginner, yet he seems unable to keep his car in fashion Rocket League itemsin the right direction. You tell yourself he might be alcoholic. Or maybe he’s sitting on his controller. Maybe he’s playing … ironically? You give him the benefit of the doubt, no one can be that bad. It is almost impressive.


  1. The General in the Armchair

Characteristic of the player: Probable insecurity

Where we can find it: In the chat window

“I HAVE IT! I HAVE IT! DEFENSE! SHOOT! DEFENSE!” The Armchair General barks his orders in your direction, even if it is rather random and that it has nothing to do with what is currently happening on the ground. It’s okay, he just needs to believe he’s in charge, so you let him yell digital orders at you for 5 minutes if that makes him feel better, even if he screams all the time. ” DEFENSE !” at kick-off and it does exactly the opposite.


  1. AFK (Away From Keyboard)

Player characteristic: Very, very still

Where we can find it: At the exact spot of their spawn

Their car does not make the slightest movement, a virtual manifestation of a person with more important occupations to deal with. However, their torpor wins your mind as the game progresses. You keep wondering what could have captured their attention outside of this sport of kings. It could be very innocent: a natural urge, or the delivery of the pizza. What if it was something more sinister? What if somewhere in the world a poor Rocket League player had just been robbed and threatened with a knife? What if his wife was throwing plates in his face? Perhaps it was the victim of spontaneous combustion? You will never know, of course. The game will eject its motionless avatar into the outer void of the start menu, leaving you with an unsolvable mystery that will haunt you for … the next few minutes, at least.


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