New World Best Build Combos – 2 Most Overpowered PVP Builds In NW

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New World Best Build Combos – 2 Most Overpowered PVP Builds In NW Guide

What is the strongest combination of weapons? What weapons should you take in the New World MMO? Here we’re going through the best combinations of weapons when it comes to New World PVP builds. Whether it’s the great axe, the hammer, the ice gauntlet, the fire staff, the bow, the musket the sword, and the shield. If you need New World gold to purchase things, is always the safest online store.

The great axe hatchet is of the best New world Weapons combos in New World. As we’ve all heard about the great axe, we’ve all seen the great axe, we’ve probably all died from the great axe. The damage on it is unbelievable, the lunge on it is unbelievable as well. As for the build, the first thing you’re going to do with your weapon mastery and take a look at your grade x, just picked out the actual abilities, if those ultimate passives are needed.

If you’re going light armor, you’re going to be even crazier speed. But we’re going to go medium with this overpowered New World MMO PVP build. We have reaped, so reap is going to extend your axe five meters pulling foes to you and dealing 110 percent damage which is unbelievable. We also have a charge which is going to give you an insane distance to catch up as well. And we have gravity well which is definitely one of the strongest abilities in the game right now. That takes us to the ultimate ability, you’re going to want bloodlust you move 30 percent faster and 15 more damage. When you’re looking at a foe within 15 meters that’s going to be insanely strong on the great ax.

If we go to the hatchet, there’s going to be abilities to help you just as much so we have berserk. Berserk’s going to make you insanely fast. Obviously, you’re going to want every single passive with berserk. You’re going to want this defy death as well. When you receive lethal damage avoid death, reduce to 50 hp, and gain immortality for 3 seconds, it is a 75-second cooldown. But you’re going to see how strong that really is.

We also are going to take feral rush so the fair rush is going to be one of those attacks that do insane damage. If you can actually hit it, it is going to be hard to hit the hatchet ability sometimes, because they are not going to be cc’d without the help of your great axe. Because the hatchet doesn’t actually have any NW gold, it just has insane mobility and insane damage. You can take a raging torrent and go for an axe throw. But it’s up to you because these are the two main abilities you can actually take whatever third ability you think the best. The raging torrent will show you how that really comes out in place, but it is hard to actually make that hit.

The second strongest combination of the game, that’s going to be the rapier spear plus the bow and this is just going to equal insane damage. The rapier grace is going to be all about that side, this is going to be where you have the evade which can dodge any ability. If you’re in a grav well, you want to save you evade until they come in with an auto-attack or another ability and then you can evade it and really take no damage.

You also have flesh which you can cancel and get a backstab. You have a post that will counter any ability and take no damage as well. We go to the bow side of things, you are going to have the evade shot, you’re going to have the poison shot, you’re also going to have the penetrating shot. These are all going to be very strong and we are going to walk you through why these are strong. What you typically do with this combo is use a penetrating shot first, it’ll stumble the target, and then use your poison shot. If you’re looking for that 1v1 damage, you’re that 1v1 cc, the rapier is not always going to be the best option. The spear is also going to be a great option for getting New World coins.

Next, let’s take a look at what spear abilities you should be looking into.  These are the best build in regards to 1v1s and cc just all out. First thing first, we have the javelin throw which is going to make them get knocked down. We have the sweep which is going to sweep them off their legs. We have the vault kick. This is going to be very strong.

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