Top Best 8 Treks Uttarakhand in india

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Kedarkantha Trek

In India different places have different traditions, different culture, different food and many more. In India each place has some specific events, places and specialties.If you visit a few places in India like Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Uttarakhand you take many different pictures to keep them as a memory and  to show passion for your travel, photography.Different places and different regions in have different colours and sceneries with different views and flora and fauna with beautiful rivers and lakes.Photographers love to travel to different places to click some beautiful pictures and to store pictures as a memory of the trip to places.When coming to hill stations in India they have trekking places for adventurous activities.By trekking you can explore to many things , different views with sceneries, lovable nature , Flora and fauna, different landscapes. In winters the hill stations will have very fantastic  views with cold breeze and with snow at few places .Trekking in winters keeps you active and keeps  your body warm and fresh mind, relaxation .

The trek to Kedarkantha is the most famous trek in India specially in winters. Trekkers/hikers love this trek .Beginners can aslo trek this  place very easily they will love this place.In winters kedarkantha trek have exciting views  of Himalayan mountains.From this trek you can see other  mountain peaks  also.You can capture all the beauty of Himalayan range and other trek peaks, sceneries and many Flora and fauna . You will love the snowflakes which sits on the trees and flowers there like dust.The beauty of kedarkantha trek you can capture all the beauty and everything that you like can capture. If you are interested you can explore remote villages of Uttarakhand in Himalayan regions.Other treks by the himalayan range are:

Milam Glacier Trek

Milam glacier trek is the largest Glacier in Kumaon raised  by the Gori  Ganga river.If you want to click beautiful pictures of himalayas you need to go Munsiyari, from Munsiyari the actual trek begins.This place is located in Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand district.You will be arriving to the Gori ganga river banks and then head to Dense forests with bamboo trees.You can see amazing views of the Nanda  devi and hardeol  peaks  this the best relaxation part viewing them and clicking snaps of the view. People look and amaze for the views from this trekking points.This Milam Glacier has 52 peaks around this trekking hill.

Valley of Flowers Trek

This valley is known as the “land of the Flowers” with an altitude of 3500 meters. The flowers bloom in  summer Which is a very beautiful view to click many snaps and pose and get snapped. In winters all the area will be covered with snow.You can see different types of flowers here in  87.50 sq kms  of covered area with different flowers.Near valley there is a national park called ‘ Valle de las flores national park’.it protects flora with different species.The park is after a little trek . You can snap many pictures as a memory of the nature experience which has different flowers in a very large area.

Darma Valley Trek

This drama valley trek is one of the easiest treks in himalayan region.You can snap many pictures of the view with sceneries of the mountain lakes .This valley trek is between mountain forests you can click many pictures here with colourful flowers , waterfalls and meadows.the best month to hike this drama valley trek is in november to april months.Visiting in between winters you can see wildlife of drama valley trek.You will have awesome backdrop for taking pictures like seasonal glaciers.You can see lush green forests, fields and remote villages too.

Lamkhaga Pass Trek

Lamkhaga pass trek is 17000 ft high.This trek has the highest altitude in himalayan region of mountains.This trek route connects to sangla in Himachal Pradesh with Harsil in Uttarakhand. This trek is the most difficult trek in himalayas and around Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand too.In this trek you will explore different remote villages and you can  experience their cultures.While passing along the trek You will admire  the trek with beautiful sceneries and wildlife and flora and fauna.You can capture all the views that you are fascinated by seeing them and wondering.

Auden Col Trek

The altitude of Auden Col Trek is 5450 meters. This is a challenging trek for trekkers  .You can experience mother nature by exploring and seeing many wildlife creatures.This trek connects Gangotri 3 and Jogin 1 .And also glaciers  of Khatling and Jogin 1. You will trek through meadows and pine trees with dark forests.You can see snow capped mountain himalayan range. You can snap all the views that you’re fascinated by viewing them.You will have panoramic views of other trek peaks, rivers and forests.Auden Col trek is worth the trek and it is a difficult trek.

Roopkund Trek

Because human bones and horse remains from the Paleolithic era have been discovered here, this region is known as the’mystery lake.’ A rock-strewn glacier and snow-capped hills surround the lake. The journey begins in Lohajang, which is easily accessible by automobile from Almora. Roopkund is also accessible through Ghat, which is connected to Nandprayag on Badrinath’s major route via a motorable road. The Roopkund walk in Uttarakhand takes you through beautiful green grassland and coniferous woodland that clings to the hillsides.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to High Difficulty Level: Moderate to High Difficulty Level:

Daytime temperatures range from 13 to 18 degrees Celsius, while nighttime temperatures range from -5 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Bali Pass Trek

This is a difficult climb in Uttarakhand that should only be attempted by experienced hikers. The trip travels through the renowned Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, providing trekkers with an opportunity to see the flora and animals. While going over the Tons and Siyan Gad rivers, one may observe a location surrounded by coniferous forests. The trip concludes with the beautiful Ruinsara Tal lake, which offers breathtaking views of the Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, and Swargarohini peaks.

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