Different Types of Professional Negligence Prevalent in Philadelphia

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In Philadelphia, there are many different types of negligent behavior that arise from professionals. They range from a lack of knowledge to a lack of care. In the past, professional negligence has been difficult to prove as it was often subjective and could not always be proven with physical evidence. However, now with the advancement in technology, the line between negligence and intent is much more tangible.

One of the most important roles for Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys is to represent people who have been harmed by professionals. The Philadelphia Bar Association defines professional negligence as the “failure to properly exercise the degree of skill and diligence in performing a task that a reasonable person in the same position would exhibit in similar circumstances.” In this type of claim, the plaintiff must show that there was a breach of duty that caused injury and damages.

We will now see the most prevalent types of professional negligence cases in Philadelphia.

  1. Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a common professional negligence claim in Philadelphia. To determine whether or not a physician is guilty of malpractice, a jury will hold the doctor to a standard of care that has been established by medical experts and their peers. In some cases, it does not matter what the state’s law says but rather how it is interpreted by a particular jury.

  • Legal malpractice

A lawyer can be liable for legal malpractice if they fail to fulfill their obligation to represent the client and if the lawyer’s conduct violates the professional standard of care. For instance, a lawyer may be liable for negligent conduct, such as failing to file a motion on time or by not providing sufficient pre-trial investigation.

  • Nursing home neglect

In the last year, the number of allegations of nursing home neglect in Philadelphia has reached a high that experts say is hard to ignore. This type of professional negligence claim is a common lawsuit filed by people who have been harmed by elders and disabled individuals who are allegedly being neglected because they live in nursing homes.

  • Dental malpractice

One of the most common types of dental malpractice is when dentists fail to provide appropriate care for dental procedures, which can result in infection, prolonged pain, and loss of function. Dentists are also required to provide their patients with any future information they may need related to the treatment they are receiving in order to make an informed decision.

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