Three most important supplements for bodybuilding

Whey, Creatine, and BCAAs are very common names among gym enthusiasts. Debate on which supplement is the best continues among these three. But you can’t compare them as they have different functions in the body and can be naturally produced. When we use the nutrients excessively by doing intense workout or living an unhealthy lifestyle or growing old, we tend to lose these elements from our body. Only then we have to take them from the outside , otherwise either our body produces them by themselves or a blanched diet can take care of them. Here you will know the best use of these nutrients so that they work for you perfectly. 

  1. Creatine: A natural substance to boost athletic performance. Creatine helps in producing energy, supports muscle increase, water content in muscles, faster muscle growth, strengthens muscles, brain ability, endurance, resistance to fatigue, regulates blood sugar level, reduces tiredness and fatigue, improves sleep quality, improved dopamine levels, and many more. When you start training, you do have a sufficient amount of creatine in the body. As the time passes with training, your body starts losing some amount of it. With a balanced meal, it can be prevented but it is hard to get enough of its amount from the meal only. So, take the supplement. 
  2. Whey: One of the best proteins across the market that is winning the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. Protein is very important for making cells, tissues, muscles, better immune system, and many more. Basically, most of the bodily functions involve its presence. It is the best supplement for bodybuilding especially when you are starting out. It supports faster muscle recovery and fads away the training induced pain after some time. Along with that it supports proper weight management. As our meal is dominated by carbohydrates, we end up gaining weight. Whey maintains it effectively. You can take it from milk but you can get it in sufficient amounts with supplements. 
  3. BCAAs: People have understood the importance of protein synthesis and the role of amino acids in it. BCAAs is a group of three essential amino acids that our body doesn’t produce by itself. We have to take it from external sources. Leucine, valine, and isoleucine are these three BCAAs that help in faster muscle recovery, decreased muscle soreness, reduced exercise fatigue, prevents muscle wasting, improves liver function, and many more. Though it is available in protein rich foods, using supplements can boost the protein synthesis at a fast pace. 


Though you can’t decide which supplement is the best,  you can say which supplements worked for you to improve your athletic performance at a particular time. As supplements are very costly combinedly, you can’t take the risk to purchase all of them at a time. Because there is no guarantee that you are going to use all of them or all of them are needed at a particular time. So, the best way to take them is mentioned above, pursue it and be the best version of yourself. 

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