Uses of computers in education and its importance for teachers 

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 Uses of computers in education and its importance for teachers 

One of the best technological advancements that have evolved the world for the better is the computer. Computers have now become an ample need of today’s time. Gone are the times when all work was done manually. With the technical developments, every task whether small or big is being done digitally. Offices, banks, grocery stores, malls, theatres, railway stations, and airports, computers are used everywhere. 

Now our education system has come a long way, leaving behind the pen and paper style to do every work. Let us discuss the uses of computers in education and why teachers need to be efficient in using computers. 

Uses of computers in education 

  • Helps in taking online classes 

Today online classes are increasing rapidly. In the present pandemic times, all students and teachers are connected via digital platforms only. To take classes for longer effectively, sitting in the right posture, seeing the lectures on a widescreen, computers are of great help. Though, classes can be taken through mobiles as well. But to have more proper and organized classes, the computer helps a lot. 

  • To manage the work well 

A teacher has so many responsibilities and duties to perform which require a lot of manual effort.  When done manually, it becomes a very tiring and time-consuming process. But with the help of computers, teachers can work better and manage all the tasks quickly too. 

For example to maintain attendance sheets, now there is no need for teachers to draw columns, charts, and registers. Through computer software like MS Excel, teachers can make spreadsheets and fill in all the necessary content. Using LMS, which is a learning management system to conduct classes, exams, check homework, prepare report cards, all can be done easily with computers. 

  • Better connectivity

With the help of computers, connections have become easy and better to make. Students and teachers of one school can connect with other educators and learners for workshops, seminars, competitions, and events. This gives students a chance to meet and connect with different people and become technically advanced. Other technology advancements such as video API, make virtual interaction in education more effective. 

  • To manage the administration work 

An educational institution has to manage a lot of work. To maintain the records of students learning at present, the passed out and new admissions a lot of paperwork has to be done. Doing this manually can become highly time-consuming, but with the help of a computer system in schools, colleges, etc, all the content can be stored and accessed quickly. Admission forms, results, official website, latest news, etc all can be prepared better with computers. 

Why is computer education necessary for teachers? 

  1. Improved efficiency 

With the help of computer knowledge, teachers can become more efficient at teaching. For example, now textbooks and guides are not very engaging for students to understand and participate well. But with the help of computer knowledge, teachers can create attractive PowerPoint presentations and visual notes for the lessons. This way teachers can give more valuable and resourceful lectures to the students. 

  1. To stay technically advanced 

Today in the twenty-first century we are living in, all the work is now being performed digitally. All the research, development, and professions are working online. And therefore, having a basic technical understanding has become a necessity for all. And the same goes for the educational sector too. Teachers to teach better, stay updated to modern and advanced teaching methods must know about computers. This enhances their technical understanding to a great extent. 

  1. Better opportunities

With knowledge of computers, the working opportunities for teachers are increased to a large extent. Now teachers can conduct online classes on their preferred subject. Also, the teachers who are good at technical skills are now demanded more in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. For example, when a teacher goes for an interview and has added that he or she is good at technology, impresses the authorities and the chances to get selected for the best teaching jobs also increases. 

  1. To teach with the help of modern learning aids 

Today, learning is no more limited to textbooks and guides. Teachers who are good at computers can access several audiovisual tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience. With the help of computer knowledge, teachers can download modules, educational videos, ebooks, make quizzes, puzzles, and other visual assessments for the students. They can show and teach with these tools in a classroom and can also send them to the students for better self-study, via emails, and instant messaging. 


With the inventions of computers and their convenient forms, education has become an effective experience for both teachers as well as learners. The above mentioned are the uses of computers in education. We also discussed why it is important for teachers to have a basic understanding and knowledge of computers. This will surely increase their teaching ability to a great extent. 

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