WoW TBC Lower City Rep Guide

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How to Acquire Lower City Reputation and Its Rewards

Lower City Reputation

The lower City Rep is a typical dungeon faction so getting exalted follows the same pattern as most dungeon quests. Farming dungeons is a simple step to becoming exalted from the friendly faction level. Acquiring the reputation attached to this City gives you various powerful and useful rewards that you can use while you play. Once you defeat the Cabalists and Arakkoas in different quests, you get these TBC items. These are pretty special rewards you will not find in any other game quest.

You can find the lower City Quartermaster called Nakodu in the southern part of the Lower City in Shattrath city. Here you will be able to collect rewards such as weapons, amours, and recipes to keep you alive on your journey. However, these items are mostly prepaid and have certain amounts attached to each reputation reward.

Every item provides unique traits that allow you to collect various items for tailoring, enchanting, healing, jewel crafting, and much more. Getting the lower City reputation is quite difficult for many players as you have to complete one-time quests to receive these rewards. Fortunately, there are ways to help you reach this reputation and gain useful rewards for your quests.

How To Get Lower City Reputation

While farming dungeons seems to be the normal and conventional way to get a reputation, there are easier methods of teaching exalted from neutral. However, you should note that most of these procedures require a specific amount of gold. So you may need to buy TBC gold to afford these items.

The prices also vary depending on the reputation item you choose. You need to move up different steps until you get to the highest and ultimate rep, exalted. With that being said, here are some effective ways to attain a reputation and be exalted in no time.

  • Neutral to Honoured

Reputation in lower Cities comes in different modes before reaching the highest rep. The first step is to farm your way through the normal dungeons to Honored. While farming dungeons to attain rep in lower City, you can also collect some Arakkoa feathers along the way. Sometimes these feathers fall off in the forest.

Do not hesitate to pick them up as you need these items to transform them into vekak and gain an honored rep. You will require 1080 feathers to reach honored. Luckily there is a quest you can play multiple times to allow you to gather as many feathers as possible and turn them. For each 30 you turn in, you get 250 rep plus an added bag filled with random rewards called the outcast cache. So run normal dungeons and farm as many as you find along the way to move on from the neutral state.

  • Honored to Revered

As soon as you get honored, getting Revered is the final step before being exalted. Farming Auchenai crypts and Bethel mob allow you to move on from neutral. But to get revered, you need to farm enough shadow labyrinth, which gives you the reputation you need. You will get rep to progress even if you set it at normal difficulty. Lower City provides a total of 34 quests for you to get enough reputation. All you have to do is complete the quests and get more reps to progress.

Once you get revered, you will be granted exclusive access to other heroic versions. You can complete any of the tasks to get more reputation. Some of the versions provide rep using different conditions. For example, the Mana-Tombs quest offers a lower City reputation on the number of kills you have.

  • Revered to Exalted

Unlike Honoured and Revered, running quests in normal difficulty will not grant you the rep you need to reach Exalted. To attain Exalted, you will need to run the quests in heroic mode. For each quest you complete in heroic, you will receive a rep which you turn in to be able to unlock special items for you finally.

Overall, you get the chance to get 8000 reputations upon completing the quests that provide reputation.

Lower City Reputation and Their Worth 

We have provided a list to guide you through your journey to get a reputation and show you what each item is worth:

Auchenai Crypts offer the same number worth in either normal or heroic difficulty. You get 750 reputations on each quest completion where you face two bosses 2. It’s probably the easiest run you’re going to get before reaching exalted.

Sethekk Halls in normal difficulty gives you 1200 reputation

Shadow Labyrinth on both difficulties offers 2200 reputation per completion. You must kill off 120 bosses and 240 Murmur to complete the quest.


Lower City Reputation Rewards

You can access various rewards as a player depending on your reputation level. Exalted is the highest level you can reach, and once you do, you can get different fascinating prepaid items. You need to have sufficient TBC gold or get a WoW TBC account with enough TBC classic gold already to receive these items. The faction items can be purchased at the lower City market in Shattrath and are sold by the quartermaster, Nakodu.

Some of the reputation rewards include:

Reputation Level Item Amount
Honored Glyph of Shadow Warding Icon Glyph of Shadow Warding 100 TBC gold
Honored Design: Felsteel Boar 12 TBC gold
Honored Enchant Ring – Stats 20 TBC gold
Revered Dragonhide Helm Icon 17 TBC gold
Revered Kodohide Gloves 11 TBC gold
Revered Evoker’ Silk Cowl 13 TBC gold
Revered Seer’s Ringmail Chesterguard 27 TBC gold
Revered Crusader’s Ornamented Leggings 30 TBC gold
Revered Seer’s Linked Gauntlets 13 TBC gold
Revered Stalker’s Chain Helm 19 TBC gold
Exalted Shapeshifter’s Signet 20 TBC gold
Exalted Trident of the Outcast Tribe 231 TBC gold
Exalted Gavel of Unearthed Secrets 47 TBC gold


Quests in the terokkar forest of lower City are exclusively designed to offer players a chance to acquire reputation and unlock rewards. Complete these quests and reap the unique rewards.

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